Saturday, August 18, 2012


Whenever we tell anyone where we live, it's usually followed by a mix of disbelief, surprise and looks of "are you crazy??". It's a natural reaction - we have two very famous neighbours, which results in a very busy neighbourhood. And that's putting it midly.

We love it though - with nearly 15 subway lines at our doorstep, as well as out-of-town trains and buses - the convenience is pretty hard to beat. Besides, it could be worse - we could be living in Times Square, quelle horreur!

We also have K-town (SUCH.GOOD. FOOD) and amazing chain-store shopping. I have been known to hit Zara across the street in trackies, and you probably already know my Marni at H&M story.

Like most buildings in the city, we have a pretty cool rooftop. Funnily we only ever head up there on the 4th of July or for an amazing view of the Thanksgiving Day parade.
Anthropologie Amsterdam Dress, La Manual Alpargatera espadrilles from Barcelona (sim and sim) Chanel flap, BR ring, Anthropologie earrings

If you are ever in my 'hood, do come say hello to my neighbour and me!


  1. These photos are amazing! Famous neighbors indeed. I love that dress and regret not buying one so much. It looks fantastic on you!