Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunshine in the Park

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I had a shocker of a week leading up to the weekend - work was particularly busy and I had a wedding performance yesterday to gear up for. Unlike previous performances, this show was fraught with drama - missing choreography, injuries, rehearsal absences, costume issues. I thank all the powers that be that it went well - seeing the bride dancing in her seat while we were performing was all the validation I needed!

After a slow morning today, S and I set out to Central Park for further lazing -choosing a shady bit of Sheep Meadow for a Whole Foods buffet bar picnic.  

As my sweetheart snoozed quietly next to me, I put away my magazine and amused myself with people-watching on the Meadow: fathers and their kids throwing ball, sunbathers in bikinis (how anyone does this with no beach in sight to cool off astounds me), people practicing handstands and cartwheels, frisbees flying everywhere, tourists poring over their maps, even a acrobatic dance troupe rehearsing..
J Crew Lucille Dress - still on sale here (also in cotton-silk and eyelet , Kenneth Cole wedges, Anthropologie Astrological Maps Bracelet and Skinny Sloop Belt (sim nautical belt), Aldo boater hat (sim herehere and here)

After what seemed like hours (I didn't wear a watch), we took the long way home, stopping first to pay homage to Hans Cristian Anderson and Alice and Company

Have a great rest of the weekend - I am wrapping it up by sitting in front of the telly for the Olympics Closing Ceremony! 


  1. I'm reading your post as I watch the closing ceremonies! That yellow dress is stunning on you.

  2. I'm reading your post while watching the ceremonies as well!! You look gorgeous in this dress!! I love the cute hat too!!

  3. Thank you ladies! Pamela - you looked amazing in your J Crew shift from a few months back too - bring it back to the blog sometime?

    How amazing was the music during the ceremony?! I really wish the Spice Girls would do a reunion tour :)

  4. Need, need, NEED that hat!!!
    Also, it's time for us to do a picnic! Summer's running out!

  5. You look lovely! the colour of the dress is so bright and summery!

    ❤ A Pretty Little Mess

  6. Love that dress!And that HCA picture is just amazing!

  7. The dress is just so bright and cheering. pretty!!!