Sunday, August 26, 2012

Christopher Boffoli

My friend, HW, who lives in Taipei, recently sent me a link to Christopher Boffoli's exhibit in New York - a display of photographs of tiny people posing with real food. 

Imploring me to visit on her behalf, I needed no convincing as soon as I clicked over to the very spiffy website - and took a cab over to the Chelsea gallery during lunch one day last week.  

Details depicting the Lilliputian society were so precise and tickled my inner foodie. Though I am quite certain the witty captions accompanying each photo were the stars of the show. Here are a few of my favourites taken from the website:

"Butter Business Bureau"
"Eric always had a healthy amount of anxiety before a deep tea dive"
"Gary always used too much mustard. But no one could say so. It was a union thing"
"Jerome finally got over his Peter Pan syndrome and popped the question"

If the exhibit comes to a gallery near you, please do not hesitate to make a visit!

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