Monday, December 23, 2013


Thank you so much for the lovely wishes on my last post. It feels a little surreal to be married yet it has changed absolutely nothing for S and I. Case in point, first things we did when we got home was grocery shopping and the bucket loads of laundry from our time away. Sorting whites from colours can be rather romantic I suppose.

Anyway, now that I have my nights and weekends free from wedding planning, it's time to get this blog back on the road. This is what I wore when we went to run a bunch of errands in preparation for our trip, stopping by my favourite place to take outfit photos in the city - the fire station on 18th and 5th:

I am obsessed with J Crew Minnies and break my "no-multiples" rule for them. It's probably the only piece of clothing I have in every decent colour possible, most recently picking up these super fun print version.  I say "decent" since I draw the line at the "beechwood" ones. New York isn't ready for my thighs in beige skinnies. 

Anthropologie asymmetric leather biker jacket (simsplurge), Lace-Trimmed Cardigan, and Leather-trimmed Rancher HatJ Crew Minnie Pants, Camper x Bernhard Wilhelm sneakers (here and here)

I've been experimenting on outfits beyond my usual girlie-feminine style and purchased these Camper kicks a few months ago after seeing them in UK Elle. I have been wearing them EVERY weekend and without fail, people on the street stop me to ask about them. That's rather decent validation for shoes that aren't quite as second skin to me as pretty sandals. I've been wearing them with black coated jeans a lot and this was the first time I paired them with coloured pants. Jury is still out on whether this outfit works. The shoes (and topper) though? Win win win. 

Have a lovely Christmas eve-eve! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hey kids, long time no see.

We had a valid reason. If you weren't following on Instagram, S and I got married a week ago.

There is so much to tell you about the week-long North-Indian/South-Indian festivities and I promise to show plenty of pictures and write all about it soon. 

Right now, we are wrapping up the first part of our honeymoon at a secluded beach resort on the southern coast of Vietnam. Later today, we head back to Saigon for a few days, before returning to the frozen tundra that is NYC. I am trying to get in my fill of sunshine thus bikinis have been the outfit du jour all week. 

In the meantime, here is a quick-edit video by our very talented videographers, which was aired at the reception that took place the day after the Hindu temple wedding. If you are a sap like me, grab a tissue beforehand...

Tata for now!