Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shop My Closet

I have now added a permanent Shop My Closet page.

There are a few items currently listed and I will continue to add items regularly (including an immaculate pair of Louboutin Mary Janes) - so please check back often! 

Happy shopping!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Barcelona recap: food glorious food

Having heard that mediocre food was abound in Barcelona, I threw myself into working out the best places to dine at during our stay. Boy, did my research pay off!

We had our first cava of the trip (and some ridiculous chocolate creme with olive oil) at Tapaç24:

The fancy meal of the trip was at Cinc Sentits (less molecular gastronomy, more modern Catalan):

Basque-style pinotxos were fun to eat, especially when you had toothpicks at the end of the meal to freshen up with (kidding! your bill is determined by the number of toothpicks - none were harmed during this meal!):

I had SO much of the yummiest cava at El Xampanyet:

A good cocktail was surprisingly hard to find in Barcelona so we were thrilled that the bartender at Gimlet was the real deal:

The Xurros and spanish hot chocolate at La Granja on Chocolate Row in the Barri Gotic were a match made in heaven:

Beach-side arroces (aka paella) at Kaiku:

The best tomato bread (Pa Amb Tomaquet) and favourite midnight tapas spot of the trip - Paco Meralgo:

We bought way too much chocolate at Escriba:

At Caelum, we snacked on small cakes and preserves that were previously made exclusively by nuns: 
No nuns in the basement! 

We braved the queue for the infrequently open Cal Pep for seafood tapas and left the ordering to Señor Pep:

Notable mentions: Buenas Migas for daily lattes; Teresa Carles for vegetarian alternatives when one is a bit tired of jamon; La Vinya Del Senyor for a relaxing glass of wine post-sightseeing; and Boadas for basic cocktails but in a sexy old-school setting.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ballerinas in Barcelona

We returned from Barcelona a few days ago and I can't stop telling everyone how amazing the trip was. We saw plenty of sights (Gaudi rocks!) as well as eating and drinking very very well. 

Naturally we took lots of pictures (on our new camera) and I will share them with you here over the course of the next few days.  

Otherwise we spent the majority of our trip in the Old City, wandering through the labyrinth of narrow streets. We didn't once lose our way, thanks to doing this on day 1 and the fact that both of us have a pretty decent sense of direction. 

Amongst the many beautiful stores we stumbled upon, Subur (on C/de Boqueria) was by far my favourite:

Wall-to-wall of leather ballet flats: 

In every size and colour:

Glitter, suede, patent and printed:

I would have been happy to leave with mere pictures but it didn't take darling S much to convince me that I just HAD to get a pair: 

Less expensive than Repettos, I am thrilled to add this baby blue pair to my ballet flat collection.  

Now I just need the measly amount of snow from the weekend to clear completely so they can come out to play again.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Viva La Barcelona, Viva La COS

We are making our maiden voyage to Barcelona later today.

Apart from experiencing everything Gaudi and stuffing ourselves silly with tapas and cava, I am pretty excited about being in a city with a COS store.

I first wrote about my love for the store here. With a distinct scandinavian aesthetic, COS satiates my (occasional) desire for minimalism. Naturally their pieces are fantastic for work.

Here are a few items I have my eyes on:
Folded Sleeve Dress
Jacquard Blazer
Layered Mesh Dress
Side Drape Zip Dress
Draped Sleeveless  Dress
Contrast Lining Skirt

The stores themselves are kitted out in a similar vein:

Providing both visual and tactile treats, I am desperate for COS to make its way state-side. In the meantime, I am thankful our hotel is minutes away from the Barcelona outpost.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Carsten Höller experience

Our third museum stop this past weekend the Carsten Höller exhibit at the New Museum, which was set up like a grown-up wonderland.


The giant slide was the main draw - 102 feet long, it runs from the 4th floor to the 2nd. It was exhilarating and I screamed the entire 4 seconds it took to travel through it!

Then we picked up special "goggles" that turned our view completely upside down. Höller's exhibit is pretty sparse and nothing seemed that interesting inverted (life-sized mushrooms? seriously?) - until we got up to the Sky Room on the 7th floor. 

Any view of the city skyline makes my knees go weak and this was no exception. Through the goggles, I couldn't decide whether I was trippy or just plain vertiginous!

The panoramic view is probably the best thing about the museum - though I suggest waiting till the current exhibit wraps up before paying a visit. In the meantime, you could head to the nearest playground if you are keen on riding a slide. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim

This weekend was filled with museum visits, commencing on Friday evening with a visit to the museum of the FIT for the Daphne Guinness showcase. This was a remarkable display of a small collection of her garments, so beautifully curated, I have no doubt it would have given Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty a run for its money. 

Then on Saturday arvo, we saw ourselves at the Guggenheim for a viewing of the Maurizio Cattelan's exhibition. A truly bizarre collection of artwork, I thought it was absolute rubbish at first. Walking down the spiraling walkway seeing the dangling objects at various angles though, some allure seemed to shine through. 

Cattelan seems to be the jack of all material (master of none?), working with taxidermy, plaster, print, wood... Whatever your views are on the artwork, I, for one, am in complete agreement with Vanessa - the vast Guggenheim space was most apt for this unusual display.  

The Guggenheim was also a fitting opportunity to bust out the DIY glitter boots from the day before:
Zara striped top, AG Stevie ankle jeans in Kelly Green,  Cartonier (Anthropologie) draped leather jacket

I am in love with how these boots turned out. It is a great pity that such shoes are highly inappropriate for my workplace.