Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinning away

I find inspiration in many things - magazines, blogs, the people I come across, the places I visit. Most recently, my one-stop source has been Pinterest.

This virtual bookmarking site is an amazing source for all things pretty. It has been fun pinning what I find beautiful, what I dream of owning, rearranging or enhancing, places I long to visit, sayings that lift me up when I am down... The best part is being able to always come back to my pins and boards to remember and be re-inspired. 

Lately, I have been drawn to clashing (complementing?) bright colours:

                      wearcolor.tumblr.com via Usha on Pinterest

                      Source: Uploaded by user via Usha on Pinterest

                       Source: ffblog.com via Usha on Pinterest

Inspiration means nothing if you don't act on it:
Kookai Australia orange T, Zara skater skirt

Can't say I didnt get a few interesting stares when I wore this out and about but boy was this fun!

Steve Madden Graanie boots - inspired by Kate

You can follow me on Pinterest here or by clicking on my permanent Pinterest button on the right. Do you have a Pinterest account? What have you been pinning lately? 


  1. i'm totally obsessed with pinterest as well. it's a dangerous time suck!


    1. Julie - what's your pinterest ID? I would love to see your pins!

  2. I have that same Zara skirt in camel. It's a favorite. Too bad I have been able to zip it up since before Christmas. Time to hit the gym!

    1. I love the swishiness of the skirt Vanessa - plus it's such a great weight for Winter too. Hope the skirt fits you again soon!