Friday, May 30, 2014

Pink in Williamsburg

On Sunday, S and I met old friends, who recently moved from Australia/Hong Kong to New York City after having won the Green Card Lottery. Back in the day, I used to religiously apply for this every year to no avail. These kids (and a few other people I know) got through on their first attempt - some people have just the luck! Well nothing brings us great joy than to see our NYC family growing. Friends and family ex-USA: if you didn't guess already, that was a PSA to apply this year and come on over!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stressed but Well Dressed

Happy Memorial Day Sunday!

For the first time in weeks, S and I have no plans this weekend besides eating our way around town. 

For our usual Friday night date, we went to French Louie, the new sister restaurant to one of my favourite places in the city, Buttermilk Channel. I didn't mind what we ate but it was difficult to not compare it to its far superior sibling. 

Switching out Autumn/Winter wardrobes for Spring/Summer meant a few old favourites are feeling new again. Unfortunately, they were terribly poor choices in light of the skies opening up just as we arrived in Brooklyn. Our little umbrella didn't stand a chance against the torrential downpour. Well dressed but stressed, more like.