Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evening In The Life Of

S and I had one of our epic date night Fridays this past week. For a change, I thought I'd provide a play-by-play of our evening.

It started at 6pm with reservations at Sushi Dojo - where we dined on a $45 sushi omakase. I have been on a huge sushi kick lately and had raw fish barely a week ago with a gf and then a few days before that too. Who am I kidding - I could eat sushi all day all night. 

Sushi Dojo was excellent and as good as other high-end fish we've had in New York. I more am more than happy with good quality tuna from New England and sweet uni from Maine if that means it won't cost me a few limbs. An under-$50 omakase is ridiculous value in the city so we booked in to come back in a couple of weeks #sushieverydaybaby. 
Manicure from Paintbox

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shop My Wardrobe

Hello October! In efforts to make space in my wardrobe for the coming season, the following items of mine are for sale. Where possible, I have linked to the original post where more pictures are available.

All prices include shipping to the US. If you are located overseas please email me for details. Offers welcome too!

Happy shopping!

Anthropologie Night Moves dress - size XS - $35; Salvatore Ferragamo bag - $200 (from this post)