Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evening In The Life Of

S and I had one of our epic date night Fridays this past week. For a change, I thought I'd provide a play-by-play of our evening.

It started at 6pm with reservations at Sushi Dojo - where we dined on a $45 sushi omakase. I have been on a huge sushi kick lately and had raw fish barely a week ago with a gf and then a few days before that too. Who am I kidding - I could eat sushi all day all night. 

Sushi Dojo was excellent and as good as other high-end fish we've had in New York. I more am more than happy with good quality tuna from New England and sweet uni from Maine if that means it won't cost me a few limbs. An under-$50 omakase is ridiculous value in the city so we booked in to come back in a couple of weeks #sushieverydaybaby. 
Manicure from Paintbox
Rings from Etsy, cat ring in top photo from Catbird (sim at J Crew)
We then walked a block to try our luck at PDT. Walking through Crif Dogs, into the fake phone booth, which then opens out to the secret windowless cocktail den is always a treat. Fortune was on our side and we got seated at the bar immediately. Luck is always to play with getting a spot at this place - the couple after us were quoted a three-hour wait. That's ridiculous considering the wealth of cocktail options in the neighbourhood. 

Nevertheless, PDT serves some of New York's finest. I threw my mum's advice of not mixing my alcohol out the window and sipped on cocktails with mezcal, gin and rum. (spoiler: I paid for this just a little the next morning). As we settled the check, I clicked over to Amazon and purchased the PDT Cocktail Book with lofty aspirations to recreate our favourites at home. #shoppingundertheinfluence 

We remembered that we skipped dessert at dinner so stopped over at the new Manhattan location of Oddfellows Ice Cream. Oddfellows may be known for interesting combos such as maple bacon pecan or prosciutto melon but we stuck with a baby cup of good ol' fashioned peanut butter and jelly. 
Jesus approves!
We gobbled down the ice cream and then walked over towards Bowery to the train station where we stumbled upon this window display. I have no idea which store this was but my immature self was so tickled I had to take a picture. Seriously though, is there another meaning to "weed" I don't know about?

It hasn't been this cold in a while and S and I suddenly decide that we MUST have some hot chai to warm up. So we turn around and trek all the way back to 1st Avenue to Punjabi Deli. While it's most frequented by cabbies, this place is our go-to for cheap vegetarian fare. If we weren't already stuffed from dinner, we would have ordered a few chapatis accompanied with their excellent curries. Instead, we ordered a piping hot samosa to go with our boiling tea. #Shoppingundertheinfluence #2 happened again as we couldn't help order some kheer - a delicious sweetened rice milk pudding - to go. I am chowing down on it as I type out this post. 

We decide to finally head home where I realised I wanted to photograph the beautiful frock I was wearing but we couldn't for the life of us find our camera (tipsy - who? us?). So we resorted to my iPhone and the very poorly-lit corridor outside our apartment:  

All Anthropologie: Batik Swing Dress (15% off this weekend), Brass-heeled knee boots, and collar necklace

Just an average Friday night for us crazy kids ha! Happy Columbus Day weekend! 

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  1. Such a cute dress and that sushi looks delicious! While you sushi-ing it up, I was racing to Momofuku (well, as fast as a cab can go in Manhattan on a Friday night) to get there before they gave my reservation away. Made it, and over-ate, but it was great. :)