Sunday, July 29, 2012

Green and Gold

I purchased this DVF dress heavily on sale at Bloomies on the way back from hot yoga and immediately wore it out to lunch at Tamarind this afternoon. The Olympics are very much on my mind, which is probably why I unconsciously dressed up in (lime) green and gold

DVF dress, Marni sunglasses and sandals, Vintage Chanel

Gold glitter belt (sim), Cartier and Hermes bangles, Michael Kors watch

Speaking of the Olympics, I am appalled by the selective NBC coverage on TV. Holding back on airing popular events live just to show them later at prime time is lame and frankly insulting. 

I am just glad we managed to finish the really nice meal at Tamarind in time to catch the 4x100 men's swim finals on our home laptop. What a exciting finish - kudos to the French team! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer bucket list

Inspired by the blogosphere and the fact that I have more time on my hands now that dance season is over, I decided to list down all the things I would like to experience/accomplish by the end of this summer i.e. in the next 6 weeks eeek!

  1. Visit the recreation of Claude Monet's Giverny gardens at the New York Botanical Gardens
  2. See a couple of movies on the big screen: Magic Mike (done - with smuggled cans of Sofia) and Batman Rises
  3. Swim in the ocean (we are off to Fire Island this weekend!)
  4. Make some headway into the The Song of Fire and Ice books
  5. Finish off French For Dummies now that my European vacation is but a month away!
  6. Practice yoga in the park
  7. Cull the humongous pile of outdated magazines I have lying around in the apartment
  8. Have a picnic/eat lunch in Central Park or Battery Park (it's so silly I have hardly spent time at the latter even though I work very close by)
  9. Put for sale items in my wardrobe I can't keep - (I've started here)
  10. Go bike-riding in the city - ideally somewhere car-free like Central Park or Governors Island
  11. (BONUS) Bake. Something. ANYTHING.
What do you have on your summer list?

Image via Hitha (from Pinterest)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Schiaparelli, Prada and Kusama

I had nothing planned going into the weekend (highly unusual) but somehow managed to do, see and eat a whole lot (not so unusual).

We had a guest from Australia staying the weekend and a lot of Saturday was spent day-drinking, mostly outdoors at (on?) the Frying Pan.

On Sunday, I had a few hours to myself while the boys were at the baseball so I skipped up to the Upper East Side to catch the Met's annual Costume Institute exhibit - Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. 


Whilst the garments on display were beautiful, this was no Alexander McQueen-tortured-genius extravaganza. Nevertheless, I was very amused by the videos that formed an integral part of the exhibit, which were of simulated conversations between the two women (who never met in real life). What initially appeared to be the women talking to each other, on scrutiny revealed they were in fact talking AT each other. In a good way. Much like the conversations I have with my dearest girlfriends.

Then I walked the few blocks south to the Whitney for the Yayoi Kusama retrospective. As she is known for her obsession with polka dots (girl after my own heart, that one), it was unfortunately too much this:

and not enough this:

You win some, you lose some. Though I hear the Louis Vuitton window displays are paying the "right" kind of homage to Kusama so I might check that out soon.

Anyhoo, I then met up with the boys in the LES to experience the Mission Chinese buzz for ourselves (Verdict = overhyped. There are as good (or even better) Szechuan restaurants in the city. I find it totally unnecessary to wait hours for tasty but nevertheless unremarkable food).

I am a serial overorder-er (sorry!) at Chinese restaurants hence this new lace shift from H&M was perfecto:
H&M shift - currently in stores, Marni shades, Rebecca Minkoff  MAC Clutch (sim)
Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace (2010)
Anthropologie summer booties
Hang in there kids - only 2 more days to the weekend! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Latest Thrill

I suppose putting glitter on things no longer counts as a genuine DIY but I could think of no other way to spruce up the roughed up heels of a pair of old Anthro summer booties. 

 Original DIY instructions in this post.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Miu Mius for you?

I found these beautiful Miu Mius on sale from Nordstrom recently but alas they do not fit correctly. Apart from fit, they are perfect - nice heel height, platform-assisted comfort and for someone who suffers from pronation, a solid and sturdy heel.

Before I return them, I am offering these up for sale at cost - because in all likelihood these will disappear in the depths of some warehouse to be lost forever.

1. Miu Miu Flare Heel Sandals - size 39 (fits like US8) - $319 (includes s/h to the US) -originally retailed for $675
  • Approx. heel height: 4 3/4" with a 1" platform (comparable to a 3 3/4" heel).
  • Patent leather upper/leather lining and sole.
  • Made in Italy.

2. Miu Miu Flare Heel Pumps- sizes 38 and 38.5 (fits like US7.5) - $309 (includes s/h to the US) -originally retailed for $645
  • Approx. heel height: 4 3/4" with a 1 1/2" platform (comparable to a 3 1/4" heel).
  • Patent leather upper/leather lining and sole.
  • Made in Italy.
Payment by Paypal only. Shipping to other countries possible but s/h will be extra. Email if you are interested. I will return these by post to Nordstrom on Friday, 20 July 2012 if there are no takers.

Otherwise, have a lovely weekend ahead. If shopping is on the cards, here are other Miu Mius currently on sale elsewhere: