Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer bucket list

Inspired by the blogosphere and the fact that I have more time on my hands now that dance season is over, I decided to list down all the things I would like to experience/accomplish by the end of this summer i.e. in the next 6 weeks eeek!

  1. Visit the recreation of Claude Monet's Giverny gardens at the New York Botanical Gardens
  2. See a couple of movies on the big screen: Magic Mike (done - with smuggled cans of Sofia) and Batman Rises
  3. Swim in the ocean (we are off to Fire Island this weekend!)
  4. Make some headway into the The Song of Fire and Ice books
  5. Finish off French For Dummies now that my European vacation is but a month away!
  6. Practice yoga in the park
  7. Cull the humongous pile of outdated magazines I have lying around in the apartment
  8. Have a picnic/eat lunch in Central Park or Battery Park (it's so silly I have hardly spent time at the latter even though I work very close by)
  9. Put for sale items in my wardrobe I can't keep - (I've started here)
  10. Go bike-riding in the city - ideally somewhere car-free like Central Park or Governors Island
  11. (BONUS) Bake. Something. ANYTHING.
What do you have on your summer list?

Image via Hitha (from Pinterest)


  1. Replies
    1. YES PLEASE!

      Also #12: Hit the Met rooftop for evening cocktails!

  2. I want in on #12! We're going to see Dark Night Rises on Monday at 8:30 in IMAX, if you want to join!

    And please read more Song of Fire and Ice books - I'm on book #5 and need someone to talk about this with!

  3. A great idea- I always vow in June to start appreciating the summer but don't get much farther than the occasional ramble through overgrown neighbourhood alleys...

    I go on vacation to PEI in a couple of weeks, so there will be much relaxing and reading and ocean bathing and thrifting. Until then, I'd say some more reading outside is required (I burned through all the game of thrones books last summer, but now they all bleed together and I can't remember what happened when!) and I'd say a little light home improvement would be recommended...

    I would love to be able to check out those Giverny gardens...maybe I should actually visit my local botanical gardens someday!

  4. #1 is also #1 on my list! I'm going to the Evening event they're having on 8/16 -- you should come too!!