Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tutty Fruity and GoT

What an insane month June has been. The dance showcase is on this weekend and rehearsals have hit fever pitch. 

Since every near-daily practice has been mentally and physically exhausting, I have had zero energy to do much else. Thank goodness I blog for fun!

Here's what I wore a few weekends back. Although these were taken at my favourite spot near Union Square, my brains are too fried to remember where I was going or what I was doing:
Zara dress, Kate Spade belt (sim here), BR ring
Of course I had NO idea these ASOS earrings were HUMUNGOUS until seeing this photo (sim here)
Whilst my social life has taken a backseat this month, veging out on the couch has its merits - I finally got around to the Game of Thrones - HOW IT TOOK ME SO LONG ASTOUNDS ME! 

I read before I watch (this goes for anything) so I was patient enough to finish off book one before viewing the first season on HBO. Unfortunately patience is a limited virtue. I am already done with season two of this AMAZING show even though I have yet to reach the halfway mark of the corresponding book. 

George R.R. Martin is a wonderful story-teller and with five books in the series and counting, I am secretly thrilled that I have a considerable amount of reading ahead of me. 

Having said that, my favourite character is Tyrion Lannister only because of Peter Dinklage and the witty script. This is probably the only time I will concede a character being better portrayed on screen than in print.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday In Bloom

So I turned 30 on Sunday and I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! 

A birthday that falls on a weekend is one of life's little luxuries. Celebrations commenced as soon as I left work on Friday, culminating with a afternoon shindig on Sunday at our cosy apartment with our nearest and dearest. 

My birthday eve was thus spent scrubbing and cleaning the apartment down. Unlike the average New-Yorker, we do not employ cleaners since personally nothing feels as clean as if it's been done yourself. We were so consumed with chores that it was early evening before we realised that we hadn't eaten - so off we went to Maialino for pasta; as well as photographs outside Gramercy Park (the one I have a love-hate relationship with).
I love that you can see my patient photographer here!
Darling S spoils me every birthday and I had no clue as to what he'd come up with for the big 30. Being the impatient filly that I am, I couldn't wait till midnight EST and instead received my fancy-pansy present from him as soon as the clocks in Sydney struck midnight (which was 10am EST Saturday!).   

Colour me speechless when I saw the beautiful red box beneath the wrapping ...
Cartier Love bangle, J Crew diamante bracelets, right-wrist cuff from Paddington Markets, Sydney
If you followed me on Instragram, you'd also know that he surprised me with dinner at Daniel. We haven't been back since a phenomenal experience on our anniversary last year and it was even better the second time around. We were still enjoying dessert when it was finally midnight in New York. Perhaps it was the sugar high, or better yet a lovely buzz from the White Cosmos, but ushering in my birthday that moment made me feel like I was truly on top of the world.

The lavishness of this year's birthday didn't end there. I have a long-standing tradition of buying myself a gift (truth be told it's just another excuse to shop). I have been excited for this birthday since Jan 1, so I figured I should start saving then for something truly memorable. A Chanel flap was the obvious choice - and since I preferred the rare combination of navy blue and gold hardware, I was fortunate to find one on consignment for way less than retail AND in immaculate condition.
DVF Karin dress (similar on sale), Anthropologie belt, Prada sunnies, Anthropologie shoes
The weekend was decadent beyond words. Beyond the seemingly materialistic nature of this birthday, I was showered with an insane amount of love and wishes by friends and family all over the world. I can not be more thrilled to reach this milestone and I am even more excited of what is to be.