Monday, December 26, 2011

Caroling in Gramercy Park

Merry Christmas again everyone!

Yesterday, while friends and family on the other side of world were digging in to Christmas breakfast/brunch, it was still Christmas Eve in this neck of the woods. 

With all gift-shopping out of the way, we started the day lazy and then headed out to Broadway for the matinee screening of Relatively Speaking (cheap tickets ftw). 

Then we skipped down to Maialino for an early dinner (God bless their spaghetti alla carbonara) before crossing the street to Gramercy Park for the one day a year the beautiful garden is open to the peasants.. sorry, the public.

NY Times
We caroled around the beautiful blue Christmas tree in freezing temperatures and in nearly-pitch-black surroundings, firmly staying within the grounds for the entire hour the park was open.  

As pretty as the park was (especially in the daytime), it was challenging to truly appreciate the beauty of the small 2-acre piece of well-manicured landscape when one is only allowed in it from 6-7pm on December 24th. For those unaware, the park is usually only accessible to a select few key-holders, whilst the rest of us common-folk can only peek at the space through the tall iron gates surrounding it. I fail to comprehend the rigidity around the access and use of the park and now that I can cross this off my to-do list, I am in no hurry to return. Why remind myself of what I am prohibited from enjoying, no?

Moving on from the soapbox to what I wore:

Anthropologie Sweetheart Shrug Tee, H&M lace skirt, J Crew rose-gold glitter belt and maroon tights, Steve Madden Graanie boots

This top (which I also have in red) is by far my favourite purchase this year and I have worn it nearly every day this week. Although sold out at Anthro, you can still grab it for full-price here

Hand-crafted ring from the recent jaunt to Istanbul

Once again, happy holidays to you and yours!


  1. Oh, I didn't know us peasants could access Gramercy Park on Christmas eve! Will have to go next year. I have this artwork of Gramercy Park hanging in my apartment -

    You look amazing, by the way, in that outfit!! I love the color combination.

  2. Oh Kavita - what a lovely print! I really like Matte Stephens' artwork and have one of an owl which is similar to this:

    You must go to the park sometime, if only to cross it off your bucket list.

    Otherwise, hope the new year brings you much happiness!