Monday, January 2, 2012

Farewell 2011 aka my wonderful year of voyages!

Taking a look back, we certainly lived up to the url of this blog as 2011 can only be described as the year of travel in our household. 

We started off by escaping the brutal winter with a January long weekend in Puerto Rico. Our trip coincided with the Festival of San Sebastian - which was just an excuse to party and drink Pina Coladas all day long. 

In February, we flew to Paris on insanely cheap flights. We discovered the City of Lights through conventional and not-so-conventional means (hello Da Vinci Code!). I bought my first pair of Repettos and fell in love with beautiful french labels, Les Petite and Comptoir des Contonniers

I jetted home to Kuala Lumpur in March for my best friend's colourful wedding. But not before stopping over in Seoul for a few days of sightseeing, partying and peering into North Korea. 

April took us to Barbados, with hopes to catch the Pakistan cricket team play the West Indies. A late scheduling change resulted in zero cricket but plenty of hours on the beach instead.  

Do you spy the Pakistanis?

We celebrated the onset of summer by spending Memorial Day in Boston. We hung out in Harvard, ate amazingly (highlight: Oya) and we saluted the original tea-partiers with an exquisite high tea at the Taj

My favourite New England outfit
Hello Harvard

After hosting and entertaining nearly 10 sets of visitors from June to August, we were grateful for a quick escape to Philadelphia in late August and to Chicago in September for Labor Day.

November saw us fly for over 24 hours back to sunny Sydney and Adelaide to visit family and friends. The trip was sadly too short and by the time we recovered from the jetlag, we were back on a plane to celebrate Thanksgiving in Istanbul. I do not kid when I say I ate my weight in turkish delight during our stay. 

I was camera-free in Sydney and only have this grainy pic to show

As you can understand, we decided to stay put for Christmas and New Years. Not for long though - we are off to Barcelona in 10 days where we are looking forward to celebrating MLK-day with plenty of tapas, cava and Gaudi.

There is so much of the world to see, so here's hoping 2012 is filled with lots more jet-setting, for you and for me!


  1. Wait- HOW did you fit in so much travel? Amazing. Also, is that a lobster dress? Even more amazing.

    This year will probably not include very much travel for me; so I'm glad to see the world here on your blog!

  2. LOVE your new england dress! How perfect.

    What a wonderful year of traveling. Here's to many more!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of your travel photos! You're making me want to plan a vacation ASAP!!!

  4. Haha Vanessa - we took advantage of every. single. long weekend last year. It also helped that I work for a company that gives us more vacation days than the norm! Besides we On a side note, I am dying to go to Sweden - take me with you when you go next?!

    JG - the dress is a huge favourite - I am looking forward to pulling it out from storage when it's warm again.

    Kelly - it's time to plan the honeymoon!!

  5. What a great year! New to your blog, so it's pretty cool to see this recap. So many nice trips - and so many cute outfits to go with them it seems. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting Cara! I just spent a good chunk of my lunch hour going through yours! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials - I look forward to reading all about it on your blog :)