About Me

Hello, My name is Usha!

I am a nomad at heart - I was born in Kuala Lumpur and spent my childhood and teenage years there before moving to Singapore.

I jetted off to Adelaide in Australia for university, followed by a move to Sydney upon joining the workforce. I then lived in New York for five years before uprooting once again - this time to the Little Red Dot that is Singapore in December 2014.

This blog is about my loves - fashion, food and travel.

You may be tickled to know that:

  • I am a dancer 
  • I miss my family like crazy and wish I didn't live so far from them
  • I particularly adore my little brother, Shanker
  • I love dogs and will adopt one (or more) as soon as we move into a place with a yard
  • Gin is my tipple of choice and I prefer white over red
  • I buy old-fashion non-electronic books (update April 2013: I now have an iPad Mini with a kindle app and it feels like my life has changed in ways I never knew it could)
  • I have shockingly bad eyesight
  • I am a stickler for good manners; and
  • I don't leave the house without a swipe of liquid eyeliner 

Disclosure: some links on my blog are monetized. I may receive a commission should you purchase an item on my recommendation. Rest assured I only link to items I like!

Happy reading!

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