Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Navatman Dance

Riding on the adrenaline of this performance, I decided I could do with more dance in my life - which led to me successfully auditioning for the performing arm of the school I take dance classes at. 

These days, our group of 11 is gearing up for a big showcase at the end of June. In anticipation of that, rehearsals are in full swing with sessions multiple times a week - which to be honest is fairly intense considering all of us are otherwise in school or work full-time!

Naturally we welcomed the short respite from practice for a pre-show photo shoot:


From the comforts of the dance studio, we moved on to sunny Central Park. It was a GLORIOUS day and it felt like all of New York was out there - I can only assume we must have been such a sight decked in our colourful dance saris posing here and there.

Our biggest challenge was to take VERY careful steps to avoid nasty surprises in the grass..

...or balancing precariously on trees, which if we slipped would have meant landing right into the bog-filled lake! 

...or maneuvering other enthusiastic tourists attempting to take a shot of that NYC skyline.

Lengthy practices aside, it truly is a wonderful experience and I could not be more honoured to be a part of an ensemble that loves dance as much as I. The girls are also immensely talented and dedicated, not to mention a HOOT to be around with. 

If you are in New York at the end of June, it would mean the world to me if you saw us perform! 

See all details here

All photos by Gauri Saxena

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Le Germain in Toronto

My Toronto accommodation was booked for me a couple of months before the actual trip. This being work-related, I assumed I only had the usual uninspiring Hiltons and Sheratons to choose from (the latter being the then booked option). 

Then I read Kate's wonderful recap of her stay in Nashville

Which is how I landed at the Le Germain - a beautiful boutique hotel located on a quiet street in the Entertainment District in downtown Toronto.
Notwithstanding the ugly carpeting, I adored my room. Lucky I did, since I spent most of the day in it logged on remotely at work.

Unlike my usual coffee breaks, the ones that week involved playing around with the in-room Nespresso, with CNN/ BBC News blaring in the background...

...and on a particularly bad afternoon, a nice long bubble bath..

Since I spent a great deal of time in bed whilst on the phone with home, crying into the pillows, I was glad they were plush. As one who never strays from their side of the bed throughout the night, it felt oddly comforting being smothered by so much bedding. 

Monday, May 7, 2012


The company I work for is a huge supporter of the arts. This translates to free access to museums all across the city. This weekend, I had the privilege of viewing the Frieze Art Fair on Randall Island. 

Usually held in London, this is the Frieze's first foray across the pond with a viewing of over 180 international galleries. 

Since this was a showing of contemporary art, there were so much crazy it was fabulous! My favourites are a tie between the nut-cracking mannequin and the missing peanut.

My art-viewing outfit:

Anthropologie dress, belt, earrings and shoes, Ferragamo bag, Dinosaur Designs bangle, ASOS chevron rings, BR "coral" ring