Thursday, May 3, 2012

Toronto Outfits?

It's been a couple of weeks since my Toronto trip. I had a couple of posts planned but found it surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) tough to put them together due to recent news

I fear if I wait any longer the photos would become redundant so let me start my trip recap with an outfit post.  
I was so smitten by the front bar of Terroni on Adelaide Street where these photos were shot.  So much so we decided to cancel our initial plans and return for dinner later that evening. Alas that was not one of the besy decisions of the trip. 
Anthropologie-catalogue inspired: Anthro Pink Cottage Blouse, Armani denim, Steve Madden Grannie lace-ups, ASOS chevron rings

Aaandd that's it folks. My darling photographer was only around to take a day's worth of outfit photos.  

I do however have a photo of all the clothing I packed for the week-long trip. Irrefutable evidence of my light-packing skills.  
Have a lovely Thursday!

P.s. I lied - here's another one, taken minutes before I got completely drenched by the mist:

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  1. Lol...I can't sleep ... Been catching up on your blog! I have that scalloped leather skirt do you wear it? I'm having trouble styling mine :)