Monday, April 30, 2012

WI for Cricket

The main aim of our recent beach trip was to catch the cricket. Cricket nations tour each other throughout the year and this April, Australia toured the Caribbean islands to play against the West Indies.

Fans will say that this bat-and-ball game is the best spectating sport there is. I have to agree. Which other game can you play for 5 days - where you can start watching at any time, where the game stops for lunch (and tea) and how each day can be as riveting as the others. Whilst I may not be the a fan of sport, watching live cricket is a fabulous experience.  

If you have only been to a cricket match in an anglo-nation (in my case, only in Australia and in the UK), the scene at a Windies game is like none other. The music, the spirit, the carnival-like atmosphere and let's be honest, the drinking, was absolutely INSANE.

We purchased Party Stand VIP tickets for day 1 of the test. Here are some highlights.

The grounds:

While the game went on, the party stand was where the fun was at: 

Can you imagine if there were mechanical bulls at Lords, the (stuffy but oh so nice) home of cricket)?
With all that music, it was only natural to get a game of musical chairs going:

Day 1 was rained out soon after we were down to one chair. We returned the next day for Day 2 of the test. Needing a break from the party, we sat within the covered stands instead:

This concludes my Caribbean trip recap. We had a wonderful time and I am already counting the days to our trip next April!

(Note: photo-alignment in this post has been so painful to get right. Please excuse the wonkiness)

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