Thursday, April 12, 2012

From one paradise to another

Salutations everyone!

We are finally back from our trip to paradise... 
Of course it was FABULOUS... and OF COURSE I have come home to absolute mayhem, on the work and social front. Along with nursing a sprained neck unconnected to the holiday, I haven't been doing too well at juggling any of the above, resulting in blogging taking a back-seat while I get my life in order.

I hope to post recaps of the holiday in the coming week, but here are a few photos to tide you over, which you may have already seen if you followed me on Instagram and Twitter:
View from St Lucian hotel #1
Black sandy beaches of St Lucia (the island is volcanic!)
Patio of St Lucian hotel #2
View from shack across the street from the St Lucian airport (which itself was much like a shack!)
View from Barbados hotel
Niagara Falls (via)
Picture of the Falls throw you? Just seeing if you were paying attention ;) However, it is not all lies, I will in fact be in Toronto in a couple of days for a work-related trip (visa schmiza, you know the deal).  

It will be my first visit to the wonderful land of Canucks so I am very excited (one more stamp on ye ol' passport!). I will be on my own for most of the time so if anyone is up for catching up over a cocktail or three, please do get in touch. I have a couple of must-eats/ must-dos on the cards but any other insider tips are most welcome!

Hope everyone has been well. My reader shows that I have 567927356473 posts left to catch up/comment on so let me bid you ta ta for now and I will see you on the other side of the border!


  1. I've lived in Toronto for 5 years and I'm always interested in where people go for their must-dos and must-eats here. I have some favourite places, but I don't think they're that special for someone who lives in NYC! Anyway, looking forward to reading about your time in TO...

    1. Oh my goodness Rachel - I would love to know your favourites! If every city was like NY, the world would be a boring place!
      Otherwise, on my to-see list are the usual suspects - CN Tower, St Lawrence Market and the Bata Museum (I wore white Batas for 11 years of school!). Food-wise I have reservations for Yours Truly and Acadia; and I'd like to check out Black Hoof for cocktails - what do you think of these?

    2. To be honest, I haven't been to any of those restaurants! Eep. I have heard good things about Black Hoof though. My recent favourite restaurants have all been along Ossington - Pizzeria Libretto and Delux (Cuban food), and Golden Turtle for Vietnamese pho. I love St. Lawrence Market but I have to say I haven't been to the Bata Museum yet...I should really go some time!

      Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here, even with your recent family news (I just saw your latest post). Condolences to you and your family.

    3. Hi Rachel - unfortunately I didn't get to dine out much. I didn't even make it to the museum. Toronto is beautiful though and I can't wait to return and check out your favourites!

  2. I am envious of your April holiday! I just visited St. Lucia in December and it was so amazing! I was mostly in the northern part of the island (where I stayed) but had some fun in the south too.

    I want to see more photos!