Friday, April 20, 2012

Scenes from St Lucia & Barbados

Thank you everyone for the kind comments, emails and tweets to my previous post. Granny's send-off yesterday was a huge celebration of her wonderful life. She was the matriarch of our family and will always be missed.

Now it's been 10 days since the return from our island holiday and a recap is overdue.  To start, here are a few general snaps from our trip, commencing with St Lucia:
Drinking St Lucian beer minutes after arrival. Named after the mountain that we conquer the next day
View of the south-western town of Soufriere, our home for 3 days
Those ninjas are crafty - had to cross the Pacific, then sneak through the Panama Canal
St Lucia's twin peaks - Gros Piton (foreground - we climbed this one all the way to the top!); Petit Piton (background)
Mad view from our hotel balcony. This is Petit Piton - very steep and unclimable unless you are an expert
Gratuitous sunset shot 
View of Petit Piton from the half-way mark (~1500ft) on our Gros Piton climb
Spear fisherman and his catch
Grey beaches of Anse Chastenet
City life in Rodney Bay  - which lies in the north-eastern corner of the island
Tanker, cruiseliner, speedboat and sampan

And followed by scenes from Barbados:
The main agenda on our Barbados leg of the trip (separate post to follow)
We missed the dolphin skinning
Catamaran cruising
Waving to the Emir of Qatar on his "little" boat  (which had a helipad and helicopter!)
Bajans take dominoes as seriously as they do cricket
Which cut would you be getting today?
More pictures and recaps to come!


  1. sorry about your granny- I missed your post, about the frustration of being separated from your family during this time, but she was an awesome lady!

    Your trip looks otherworldly- the landscapes in St. Lucia are incredible! And I stayed in Barbados several years ago- I loved the laid-back vibe in the neighbourhood I was living in (I swear that barbershop house is identical to the lovely cottage we stayed in, just a stone's throw from the beach!)

    1. So envious you lived in Barbados! We have never felt such a strong attachment to a place we have only holiday-ed in (well apart from Paris). We can't wait for next April when we return.

      Oh and the barbershop IS a stone's throw from Dover Beach in the South!