Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flowy in the WV

I hosted a dear friend this weekend, who was visiting from Sydney by way of London. 
Post-brunch on Saturday, we strolled through Soho briefly before making our way to my favourite neighbourhood in Manhattan, the West Village, where we spent a great deal of time checking out the tree-lined streets, quirky boutiques and quaint restaurants that flourish in the area.
Showing off the city to wonderful company was a pretty nice way to momentarily put aside recent troubles.
Club Monaco Adela skirt, white tee from a boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Anthro sandals, Chloe sunglasses, BR belt, Ferragamo bag

This past week has been a time for great reflection - albeit minor, I am ever thankful that I am only a 5-minute subway ride from such loveliness.


  1. You look so gorgeous! That skirt is fantastic.

  2. Thank you - this skirt and my yellow polkadot AGs are the only items I have been wearing on the weekend!