Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sushi Azabu and Pleats

S and I have been away every other weekend lately -  Barbados and Charleston to be exact (old news if you follow on Instagram). I am still weeding through the tons of photos so the blog recaps will come then.

However, we are back on track with Friday date night. Last night, we returned to an old favourite, Sushi Azabu, a "secret" basement sushi restaurant in TriBeCa - which has gone through significant change since we were were last there 85 weeks ago (so says Instagram). 

First, it used to be a little harder to find when the restaurant above it was the Greenwich Grill. Now that's been taken over by a Japanese izakaya, Daruma-ya. A Japanese restaurant beneath a Japanese restaurant? Surely that's obvious? Second and most importantly, no more $65 prix fixe *cries*. This was one of NYC's best sushi bargains and now it's double that, folks. Thank goodness the sushi is so fresh it makes up (slightly) for the sticker shock. Over copious amounts of sake, we devoured everything that was put in front of us (yes to uni; NO to eel) and laughed over S's broken Japanese and the chefs' rudimentary English. Fun times.
Our exact seats at the counter (via
Continuing my obsession for all things Clover Canyon, I went Greek with my date night getup. Jeans seemed mandatory too, considering the cool change in the air. Thought let me make it clear that I am #NotReadyForFall.

Clover Canyon pleated Classical Order TopJ Brand 620 Super Skinny in Palisades (newer washand another) {Note to fellow shorties: I cuffed the hem as the sandal straps extended high above my ankle. It's otherwise the perfect length unaltered}

Alexander Wang Livia Sandals (super sale this weekend), Vintage Chanel flap

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pineapples and Night Markets

For a city that has as many restaurants as inhabitants, there is a dearth of good Malaysian eateries which don't require something like an hours journey on two trains and a bus. So the moment we realised a new Malaysian restaurant had opened (in Williamsburg no less), S and I grabbed a few friends to check it out. 

Let's just say our prayers been answered bountifully with Pasar Malam:

The restaurant is named for the night markets where an array of snacks are sold, though paradoxically roti (and most other dishes on the menu) are not really found in night markets. But we're not here to nitpick name choices. The glory of going in a large group means being able to order more than one roti - each one of them cooked to flaky perfection. 

We also had the curry laksa, the assam laksa and the Michael Jackson: the most non-PC Malaysian name for a classic drink of soybean grass jelly combo (ya know, cos it's black AND white).

The belle of the ball was most definitely nasi lemak - a coconut rice dish commonly eaten at breakfast. The main accoutrement - the sambal (red anchovy sauce) tasted just like it did back home, I couldn't believe my taste buds. 


Here's what I wore (inspiration - Natalie Joos): 

Zara Pineapple top (sim here and here), Whistles leather slit skirt (identical on sale), Celine vintage bag, Catbird lovecat ring (14K version), Nike Liquid  Gold (another metallic option)

Here's to a great week ahead!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Summer is in full swing in our neck of the woods and NYC is warm and wonderful. In past years, we've stayed put all season long to enjoy lazy weekends in the city when the rest of Manhattan is Hampton-ing it up. 

Not this weekend.


I am off to Montauk for a girls' trip and as you read this, I should be curled up on the train with a good book well on my way for some fun in the sun. 

I just wish these cool sunglasses (first spotted by Grace) had arrived before today though. 

Hope your weekend is as wonderful as mine.