Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anthropologie Leifnotes Showcase

On Thursday, I was honoured to be Thea's plus-one at Anthropologie's Leifnotes Fashion Showcase.

Apart from the runway show, the highlight was having Johanna, the designer of Leifsdottir and it's new diffusion line, Leifnotes introduce the collection. 

I loved the breezy, summery collection, particularly because I am days away from an island vacation. My runway photos were not spectacular so here are product shots of some of my favourite Leifnotes pieces showcased that I could see myself wearing on the beach and beyond: 
Windflower Top
Mirror Dotted Maxi Dress
Twirled Trim Cardi
Farren Blouse

I also thought these ladies looked fantastic. Both these dress are now VERY HIGH on my (sale) wish list:
Johanna in her design, the Brimming Borders Mini-Dress & a Soho SA in the Blooming Whin Shift
I rarely take pictures of my weekday outfits but thanks to Thea, we have a winner! I came straight from work, but switched out my black patent pumps for comfortable bright flats:
ZARA dress and blazer, Repetto flats, White skinny belt (unseen)
For an amazing recap of the evening and great runway photos, please check out Thea's post

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Sunday in Photographs

Total prepping period = 3 hours..

Total time on stage = 3 minutes...

Span of post-performance relief = the rest of the day!

Hope your Sunday was as colourful as mine!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Highs and Lows

Happy weekend! 

It was a pretty apt day to be wearing a dress with an uneven hem. 

We had great plans to look at pretty pooches at the Brooklyn Mutt Show. Unfortunately, my right contact lens had other plans when it suddenly popped out on a random blink. I have usually been able to find my RGP lens when it's become dislodged. This was not one of those times.  

Losing a lens is far less an issue for most. Unfortunately I have ATROCIOUS eyesight and had just enough vision to find my way home, very very disappointed the day was pup-less.
Marni for H&M jacket, Anthropologie Night Moves chemise; Club Monaco necklace, Anthropologie sandals, Ferragamo bag

Where there are lows, we always look for highs, however small.

I popped on a spare lens as soon as we got home and then headed out for an early dinner at Tertulia. The tapas were nothing to write home about but the Tarta de Chocolate was fabulous! 
The wonky day warranted a little bit more sweetness. On our way home from dinner, we stopped over at Italian transplant, Grom for a gianduja hot chocolate.
J Crew bracelets, Hermes Clic and Michael Kors watch
Post chocolate-overload, I am spending the evening watching Mad Men reruns in anticipation of tomorrow's series premiere. I don't find any of the characters particularly like-able but Don Draper sure is nice to look at!

Have a nice rest of the weekend! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hello there! Welcome to the revamped space-o-mine. Apart from some minor tweaking, I am in love with how fresh the blog looks!

Anyhoo, here are some things I have been up to lately.

#1. Shopping

What's new, right? The thing is, I have been attempting to exercise some restraint on the purchasing front since I am saving up for a HEFTY purchase for my big birthday in June. I did however check out the new ZARA flagship on 5th avenue. One word - HUMUNGOUS! I ended spending a solid 2.5 hours there on St Patrick's Day evening while the rest of the city was getting their drink on. 

Pastel was all over the store and I came out with a couple of pretties. Alas, the denim, although quite on-trend, had shockingly sub par seams - so those went straight back.

I also bought twinsie outfits from DVF for GapKids for my 6-year-old niece and me. Unlike the other truly made-for-kids pieces, the tanks I picked out for us actually look cute on the little AND the not-so-little alike! 

#2 - Eating. LOTS. These are some of the highlights:

While dearest S was out of town last weekend, I enjoyed a solo brunch at The Dutch:
Eggs and grits (via)

My oldest friend in New York and I ate half the menu at Fatty Cue:

1/2 pound deep friend bacon (via)

A wonderful dinner date with dear girlfriends at Locanda Verde
Maple Budino (via)
#3 - Dancing. 

With all the dining and imbibing I do, something's got to give. Regular yoga and circuit training aside, nothing brings me as much joy as my Tuesday Indian classical dance classes.  

I have so much love for Bharatanatyam - a traditional art form I have been at since I was 5 - from the rhythmic striking of the bell-clad feet, the seemingly complex patterns formed by the arms and legs, right up to the conveyance of so much meaning through intricate facial expressions. 


Performing is an integral part of Barathanatyam and  I am positively chuffed to be gracing the stage for the first time in New York this weekend. If you are in the area this Sunday, the 25th, do come by Dag Hammarskjald Park. We are scheduled to perform at 12.15pm 1.25pm!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Leopard

For someone who swears by skirts and frocks all year round, I have been wearing a surprising amount of pants lately. In the past year, I have more doubled the number of denim pieces I own. Easy, since I previously owned only one, ha!
Unlike Saturday's all new ensemble, this leopard print top is an old Zara tunic - I've worn this as a kurta at Indian functions; as a swimsuit coverup; with pencil skirts for work; and for a day out running errands in Soho, a tie-front shirt.

It may appear sunny but I was thankful for my favourite spot for chai in Soho for some warmth, especially in the shade.
AG Stevie ankle jeans, Ferragamo bag. Anthropologie On The Vine ring, Dolce Vita for Target ankle boots, Ray Ban Wayfarers

Post Soho, we made the trek to Greenpoint to Paulie Gee's for pizza. It took 3 trains including a maiden voyage on the Brooklyn-only "G" train - which is where I saw these, part of MTA's Art for Transit programme:

The subway is unimaginably filthy, the ride can be unsavoury and the schedules are less than predictable at times but it sure does try to redeem itself in surprising ways!

As for the pizza, it's definitely worth the trip!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Saturday - Dots on Dots

Earlier today, darling S and I met up at Doughnut Plant after separate morning appointments:he - after his weekly mentoring sessions; me - after calligraphy class. We are off on a beach vacation in less than month so we had to restrain ourselves from having more than one each - they were THAT good! 
Hazelnut yeast donut 
Coconut-creme-filled yeast square

Donut-shaped cushions adorned the walls of the cafe - naturally the Yankees one was my favourite.

If you caught this post, the following photos will tell you which of the two Marni for H&M pailette necklaces I went with:

Prompted by daylight savings tomorrow, it was the perfect time to bust out my new Spring denim, even if it was exceptionally chilly today.  
Entwined Dots Blouse, Current/Elliott Stiletto Crops, Glitter Booties, Chloe Tilia sunglasses

I am not afraid of sheer backs. In fact I adore them, and I have plenty of underthings with pretty straps that I am more than happy to show off.   

Our wonderful Saturday wrapped up with dinner at Kajitsu. An exceptional restaurant, it is a travesty we haven't been back since our visit last June. News of an impending location move and more importantly, the change in chef prompted my harried phone call for a reservation. We count ourselves very fortunate as the restaurant is now fully booked until the end of April. 
Here is a beautiful recap by Kate - without a doubt, the food tasted as exquisite as it looked.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marni at H&M

So it happened. I stood in line for Marni at H&M

I promise it was not at all intentional.  I planned on shopping online off the UK site to be sent to a London-based friend visiting me next month. I set my alarm incorrectly and woke up an hour after Marni went online - *facepalm*. 

From my bedroom window, I could make out the very short line outside my closest H&M. Since I was not going to fall asleep even if I tried, I decided to freshen up and join the queue - armed with a thick mag and lots of paper to sit on. 

The 2.5 hours really did go by in a flash. I made friends with a lovely couple ahead of me - we shared reading material, held each other's spot for coffee breaks, chatted about crazy New York shoppers (i.e. us) and REJOICED in the fact that we were going to be in the first group to shop.

Once the store opened, I was in and out within 10 minutes, managing to leave with everything on my short wishlist:

...and then some:

I do not believe in excess so I won't be keeping all these. At this stage, I am letting go of the earrings (clip-ons! EEK!), the multi-coloured necklace and the dress (size 2). I have to decide on either the black or the white paillette necklace. I also have an extra blue polka dot skirt in size 8.

I am more than happy to offload to anyone interested. You know how to reach me!

Edit: This post reveals which paillette necklace I eventually went for!