Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marni at H&M

So it happened. I stood in line for Marni at H&M

I promise it was not at all intentional.  I planned on shopping online off the UK site to be sent to a London-based friend visiting me next month. I set my alarm incorrectly and woke up an hour after Marni went online - *facepalm*. 

From my bedroom window, I could make out the very short line outside my closest H&M. Since I was not going to fall asleep even if I tried, I decided to freshen up and join the queue - armed with a thick mag and lots of paper to sit on. 

The 2.5 hours really did go by in a flash. I made friends with a lovely couple ahead of me - we shared reading material, held each other's spot for coffee breaks, chatted about crazy New York shoppers (i.e. us) and REJOICED in the fact that we were going to be in the first group to shop.

Once the store opened, I was in and out within 10 minutes, managing to leave with everything on my short wishlist:

...and then some:

I do not believe in excess so I won't be keeping all these. At this stage, I am letting go of the earrings (clip-ons! EEK!), the multi-coloured necklace and the dress (size 2). I have to decide on either the black or the white paillette necklace. I also have an extra blue polka dot skirt in size 8.

I am more than happy to offload to anyone interested. You know how to reach me!

Edit: This post reveals which paillette necklace I eventually went for!


  1. Good job!! I can't believe you live close enough to see the store. That was awesome that you could see the line and gauge it from home. I love your suit. It's so cute! My guess is you will have no problem having someone scoop up what you don't want to keep!

  2. Ha- I totally intended to stand in line, but didn't want to go too early, planned on arriving around 7. But then I woke up at 5 am and figured 'oh well, the subway opens at 5:30, let's do it!" I grabbed the polka dot jacket in a size too small - should have taken advantage of being able to try 2 of everything (those ran tiny!) and then focused instead on the necklace I really, really, really wanted!

    The accessories are so great- but I so wish that patterned dress was in silk and not cotton- the cut totally didn't work with the fabric!

  3. I just sent you an e-mail, Usha!

  4. Hi there, I would love to buy some of your Marni items if you have them for sale still. I would love the blue printed dress and if you're selling the white necklace with the leather cord. You can email me at Thanks!