Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Sunday in Photographs

Total prepping period = 3 hours..

Total time on stage = 3 minutes...

Span of post-performance relief = the rest of the day!

Hope your Sunday was as colourful as mine!


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. So beautiful and colorful. Looks like rain held off!

  2. So amazing! I have to come see you perform sometime. Everyone looks so beautiful :-)

  3. Now, that's a beautiful way to spend a sunday- I love your detail shots!! you all look so beautiful and vibrant!

  4. Usha!! You look amazing!! can't wait to hear all about it. xo

  5. So pretty :) But damn those jura pins hurt.. When you put them in, you have to get it stabilized in your hair so you push it down into your scalp. Just looking at them made me cringe :) Which dances did you do?

    1. Oh Alisha we only did a modified Ganapathy Gautuvam - instead of 15 minutes, we were only allocated 5!

      You know what worked for us this time? SOCK BUNS! Which equaled FAR LESS jura pins than usual.

      Hope arangetram prep is going well!

  6. You ladies look beautiful! The jewel tones are gorgeous!