Saturday, March 24, 2012

Highs and Lows

Happy weekend! 

It was a pretty apt day to be wearing a dress with an uneven hem. 

We had great plans to look at pretty pooches at the Brooklyn Mutt Show. Unfortunately, my right contact lens had other plans when it suddenly popped out on a random blink. I have usually been able to find my RGP lens when it's become dislodged. This was not one of those times.  

Losing a lens is far less an issue for most. Unfortunately I have ATROCIOUS eyesight and had just enough vision to find my way home, very very disappointed the day was pup-less.
Marni for H&M jacket, Anthropologie Night Moves chemise; Club Monaco necklace, Anthropologie sandals, Ferragamo bag

Where there are lows, we always look for highs, however small.

I popped on a spare lens as soon as we got home and then headed out for an early dinner at Tertulia. The tapas were nothing to write home about but the Tarta de Chocolate was fabulous! 
The wonky day warranted a little bit more sweetness. On our way home from dinner, we stopped over at Italian transplant, Grom for a gianduja hot chocolate.
J Crew bracelets, Hermes Clic and Michael Kors watch
Post chocolate-overload, I am spending the evening watching Mad Men reruns in anticipation of tomorrow's series premiere. I don't find any of the characters particularly like-able but Don Draper sure is nice to look at!

Have a nice rest of the weekend! 


  1. Your outfit is too cute!

    It's funny - Shawn and I went back to Tertulia and I wasn't as wowed as the time you and I went.

    We were too beat from our long run to make it to the dog show. Turns out I AM definitely sick. Sorry about your contact!

    Good luck today!

  2. That's awful about your contact lens! But I like how you ake lemonade out of lemons and eat chocolate! That's my girl!

    Marni jacket is so cute!

  3. Fun weekend :)
    I've been eyeing that chemise, but now it's sold out online! I always enjoy an item that much better, knowing that it's sold out ;)

  4. It's really a wonderful weekend. You look happy and nice. Loved your dress!

  5. Such a great outfit!

    I have yet to lose a lens, but I am so blind I'd be in trouble!

    1. Oh man I have lost many a lens over the course of my 17-year lens-wearing history! I have spare spectacles everywhere in the event!

      Perhaps it's time to look into PRK laser correction?

  6. Love the Jacket! You look so cute in it! May I ask what size it is? Thinking about getting one online... :D

    1. Hi Etsay, it's a size 4 - which is my usual jacket size in H&M. Good luck with your search!