Monday, April 2, 2012

God Save My Shoes

{Scheduled post since we are sunning it up in St. Lucia!}

I used to be a shoe-girl. When I lived in Sydney, I had nearly 80 pairs of shoes - in every colour under the sun. in heels of different heights, for every occasion one could think of.

In preparation for my move state-side and in anticipation of the lack of storage, I culled all but a handful. That would have been a devastating time if not for the excitement of moving to New York.

It's been nearly two years since the move and the scarcity of space has since reduced my attachment to most material things. I still love to shop, don't get me wrong, but purchases are thought over for so much longer. Impulse purchases usually result in returns as soon as I've come to my senses. Impulse shoe-shopping though? Can't remember the last time that happened. It just isn't feasible. Since shoes take up more room, I have built a solid but tiny collection of shoes instead, preferring classics to trends, quality over quantity.  Even so, I still have no choice but to put some away in kitchen cabinets (such a New York cliche).

Therefore this new flick on the obsession of shoes has me intrigued: 


When does one decide that they have enough shoes? Does it stop at 10? 80? 800?? 

My view is that if you have the means then do as you wish.  Judge not, lest ye be judged. There are far worst things to criticise others on than the amount of footwear they own. 

To be honest, just because I manifest less of the trait these days, I don't think I ever stopped being a shoe-girl. I'm just waiting to move into a larger apartment! 

So tell me, are you into shoes too? Care to divulge how many pairs you own?

(Other interesting links: this NYT article and for information on screenings)


  1. Yes. I'm an addict. I've run out of room. I have converted a porch into a semi shoe room. We put up three shelves and each shelf contains 20+ clear containers of shoes. And that doesn't include boots and flat sandals. I'm not allowed to get new pairs unless I empty a box first. It's sad bc I don't even wear half of them. I tend to choose and rotate through just a few pairs. I must see this film!

  2. I find that shoes to me are works of art. I buy them and never really wear them. I keep them in their original boxes, all piled up in my closet. I must have at least 15 pairs of pumps that I have bought in just the past year, and not one of them have I worn yet. I just take them out and look at them and put them away again. LOL
    I know I have a problem!

  3. Hope you're having a fabulous trip! If you had asked me several years ago, I would still have a bit of a boot thing, but hadn't found heels I liked or could wear! I didn't get the shoe thing, because I felt what I saw in stores were hideous and unwearable. Now I have discovered multiple pairs of well-loved Camper and Indigo pumps and booties, and there's a growing fetish for the gorgeous Chie Mihara works of shoe love. yum. I am acquiring a few too many of those...but I totally, totally wear everything into the ground!

    And hey, I live in Canada, with about 16 distinct seasons. I need lotsa different shooz!

  4. Thanks for chiming in ladies.

    Teresa - I have another friend who does that too though instead of putting them back in boxes, she displays them in her dressing room as works of art.

    After all that talk about only buying shoes that are sensible, I went on a bit of a bender and I now have shoe boxes lying all around my tiny apartment. They are all so adorable it will be a challenge working which ones to return..