Thursday, January 12, 2012

Viva La Barcelona, Viva La COS

We are making our maiden voyage to Barcelona later today.

Apart from experiencing everything Gaudi and stuffing ourselves silly with tapas and cava, I am pretty excited about being in a city with a COS store.

I first wrote about my love for the store here. With a distinct scandinavian aesthetic, COS satiates my (occasional) desire for minimalism. Naturally their pieces are fantastic for work.

Here are a few items I have my eyes on:
Folded Sleeve Dress
Jacquard Blazer
Layered Mesh Dress
Side Drape Zip Dress
Draped Sleeveless  Dress
Contrast Lining Skirt

The stores themselves are kitted out in a similar vein:

Providing both visual and tactile treats, I am desperate for COS to make its way state-side. In the meantime, I am thankful our hotel is minutes away from the Barcelona outpost.


  1. Cos is one of my favorite Swedish brands! I'm always in trouble when I go in there. Oddly enough, we didn't get our own store in Sweden until last year... For my bank account's sake I hope they never open up Stateside!

  2. COS was ON SALE when I visited and of course I went just a bit insane.

    Sorry love - I think COS opening up in New York is only a matter of time! Though if you happen to visit Sweden before that happens, you might just have to take my shopping list with you!