Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm just a Broadway Baby

I love the theatre and I am grateful the city provides me with plenty of opportunities to indulge.

No doubt this can be expensive - so apart from getting half-priced tickets at TKTS (downtown booth only kids, forget the one in Times Square), my other wonderful source for unbelievably cheap tickets is Student Rush's Will Call Club.

The name is misleading as there is no need for one to be a student to sign up. What you get in return are email notifications when rush tickets are available to shows on-Broadway and off, usually for a token price of $5. I can not say enough good things about Student Rush and I encourage everyone in the city to sign up. 

Last weekend, Student Rush allowed me to see Lysistrata Jones and earlier today, Relatively Speaking - for 5 buckaroos, no joke. I then happily paid full price to watch Jesse Eisenberg in Asuncion before the end of it's run (side note: as good as it was, how many times can Jesse play someone neurotic?!)

As a bad cold meant I barely got dressed this week, this is what I wore last weekend when I went theatre-hopping:

 Anthropologie Frosted Boucle Pullover over a French Connection sweater dress over a Uniqlo Heattech singlet, Calvin Klein black boots and a couple layers of stockings

I usually don't care much for replicas but I couldn't resist this YSL Arty Ovale ring one
Who knew boucle and sequins were a match made-in-heaven?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve!  

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