Friday, May 30, 2014

Pink in Williamsburg

On Sunday, S and I met old friends, who recently moved from Australia/Hong Kong to New York City after having won the Green Card Lottery. Back in the day, I used to religiously apply for this every year to no avail. These kids (and a few other people I know) got through on their first attempt - some people have just the luck! Well nothing brings us great joy than to see our NYC family growing. Friends and family ex-USA: if you didn't guess already, that was a PSA to apply this year and come on over!

I hadn't been to Williamsburg in months, yet this weekend it was a double as I had popped over the day before for a muscle-quivering megaformer session at Brooklyn Bodyburn. Craving hearty fare to fuel my oh-so-sore abs, we headed first to Radegast, the local German bier hall.

Giles and Brother tusk necklace (also seen here), Ray Ban printed wayfarers (Also God Almighty those veins are nasty - sorry!)

Day drinking is the best thing ever. Was it the post-5pm sunlight? was it the fresh air? Was it just the beer? Who cares. Everyone was in a great mood. I wished I'd taken more pictures of the beautiful skylight inside, and of the great company, but it seemed silly to be fiddling with the camera when we could be chit chatting. I did however take a quick snap of my food on instagram per usual. We've always got time for food photos!

Fueled up, we went to Berry Park rooftop- which has beautiful views of Manhattan. My one-drink-only policy plummeted off the roof after laying my hands on Kelvin Natural Slush pina coladas - a mainstay at the roof top all summer long. So tasty, so lethal. I am drooling all over my laptop just thinking about it.

It was a grand evening. How much shall we bet that the recent New Yorkers are not regretting moving to the city a single bit? 

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  1. I have also been applying for that Green Card religiously. ...and your fab posts ensure I will keep trying ;-)