Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elevated Acre

The Financial District is more than just Wall Street and that famous bull. My favourite place south of the island is a wonderful privately-owned public garden, the Elevated Acre. A couple of weeks back, I arranged a midday coffee date with Thea there for some outfit photos - resulting in a rare glimpse of my work wear style.
Even though I work in financial services, usually beaten in the conservative stakes only by lawyers, summer style in my office is just a little bit more easygoing. The menfolk do not need to wear ties and the women, well, they get to wear printed pants!
The entrance to the Elevated Acre is located at the top of a couple of flights of elevators/stairs at 55 Water Street. The somewhat secret space is a welcome escape from hustle and bustle of the financial district. There is a expansive lawn nestled within colourful flower bushes - which is my favourite spot for lunch (and a siesta) on a warm day. Then beyond that is a "boardwalk" which offers panoramic views of the east river and its bridges. 
H&M shirt and pants (Latter currently in stores. Size down as it stretches. A lot) (simsim and sim), Ann Taylor belt (sim), Dinosaur Designs necklace (sim), Valentino bow pumps (sim and sim)
Do you have a similar refuge from the work day?

(Edit: Use this coupon for 20% of one H&M item through Labor Day!)


  1. No refuge in my work neighborhood. You literally need to get in your car and drive away :-) but we've done it during lunch. We usually take the less tan 10 minute drive to the lake and eat lunch by te water.

    Ok, I bought those pants but had to size up! Oh, H&M! Your sizing kills me!! But I love the print!!

  2. I adore those heels - and thanks for the info on that garden, I'll need to check it out next time!

  3. A very chic look! Love the trousers and those heels!

    Crazy & Co.

  4. Your pants remind me of the J.Crew ones which I have been lusting over for awhile now-Yay! for H n M version :) -Note to self-Find these :) When had you bought them-awhile back or recently?

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  5. Hi Ash, I know which J.Crew ones you mean - these H&M are really so fun and only $17.95! I bought them in the past month so you might be able to find it in store. Good luck!