Sunday, August 26, 2012


8.5 years in and S and I are still going strong with our Friday date nights. Last week's started on a really romantic note - a joint work out at the gym. The thing is, we used to make googly eyes at each other back when we first started dating at uni so exercising together again was kind of sweet. I mean, a couple that works out together, stays together right? Ha! 

Anyway, I did have a feeling the rest of the night was going to be epic and as such, dolled up for the occasion. 
We commenced the evening with pre-dinner drink at one of my favourite cocktail bars in the East Village, Gin Palace - which is part of the Death & Co. cocktail empire chain, just sans the 2-hour wait (no joke).

I would give up meat before giving up gin (it's like having your daily serving of fruit) and I am thrilled that the city has many places that put this fine alcohol centre stage (for example, Bathtub Gin and Madam Geneva). 

A couple of gin and tonics on tap later, we skipped on to Kyo Ya for a late dinner. Sitting at the chef's counter was a no-brainer, an option that was available even though we chose to go down the a la carte route. The recent NY Times review was spot-on - if the dishes weren't already delicious, Chef Sono's bubbly personality had us convinced that we need to return soon for the kaiseki menu.
H&M sequin skirt (currently in stores) - very aptly called the mermaid skirt by the staff at Kyo Ya, (sim) J Crew tank, Dinosaur Designs and Cartier bangle, flea market ring, Aerosoles sandals (sim)

The night still relatively young, S and I went on to Lovers of Today. What a gem of a place! Tiny and unpretentious, the cocktails were remarkable. My favourite being one with gin (!!), rose syrup and bubbly served up. Twas the perfect nightcap to an "epic" evening.
Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Usha, you look dreamy in your mermaid skirt and congrats on the 8.5 timeline!

  2. You look like a million in that skirt- gorgeous! And how appropriate for a glamorous night on the town with your beau. Lovely!

  3. beautiful skirt! it looks great on you!

  4. Beautiful skirt on you!! Congratulations on 8.5 years too!! I really enjoy Kaiseki food....sounds like an amazing restaurant.

    1. We love Japanese food and I am consistently blown away by the high quality Japanese we have here in New York. You would be so impressed Sayaka.

      ps - I am making my maiden voyage to Japan later this year!

  5. Whoo, 8.5 years is a long time. Time flies when you're in love :) Congratulations to you both! S is a lucky man, you look stunning in this skirt!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!Love the skirt!Chic and stunning!
    And congratulations!!

  7. Thanks guys for all the wishes and compliments!!
    I had doubts when I first purchased the skirt but boy I felt like a knockout in it!

  8. I am so jealous of your skirt! I want it so much but don't have an H&M locally. You look beautiful in it.