Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale!

Lilly Pulitzer's sale is here once again! 

{Edit - due to technical glitches, LP has announced that the sale will recommence at 4pm EST today}

A trademark of preppiness (all that PINK and GREEN!), I have found Lilly to be a trove of chic dresses for work and play. The above-par quality and generous sale prices make this sale really difficult to sit out.

Checkout immediately if you see something you like as there is free shipping on all orders. Having said that, non final-sale items can only be returned for exchanges and online merchandise credit so shop wisely! 

My picks (limited as there is very heavy traffic on the website):
Adriana  Dress
Taytay Dress

Happy shopping and do tell me if you buy!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the sale. I think I commented on last years summer sale you mentioned! Unfortunately, I think the website is still running a bit s.l.o.w. and it's very much killing me! Hope you grabbed some great things!

  2. Hi Gemma - I do remember your comment from last year!
    An early start on the sale this morning resulted in a successful order of the Taytay and Adriana dresses.
    It is so unfortunate that the website has been out of action all day but I do hope you have since had some luck ordering what you like.
    Then we shall all cross our fingers and hope for the shipping confirmations to come through!

  3. Husband thought I was nuts I had both the laptop and desk computers on shopping! I saw the Taytay dress. Very cute! Hope you get it. Size 8 was the only size left. I hope I got my baby girl her dresses, which she won't be able to wear for a year or so. She's 13 months and I ordered the size 2's! But they seemed more of a bargain then the infant rompers. I may have thrown in a few things for me. Fingers crossed and hope it's not as bad as the Anthro cancellation fiasco!

  4. Hahaha - in my household S is not fazed by my crazy sale-shopping antics!
    Oh and my shipment confirmations have just arrived so hooray! Hope you have received yours too :) LP has some crazy cute girls' clothes - your little princess is going to look so adorable!
    p.s. I abstained from the Anthro sale but what a disaster that was!