Monday, October 29, 2012

Paris Recap

The final leg of my trip was a few days in Paris - a city that competes with New York for the #1 spot in my heart. I had a few days all to myself in the City of Light before a dear friend from London joined me in rounding out the holiday.

I couldn't have had a better time. Not my first trip, I had the luxury of skipping the usual suspects in favour of wandering through neighbourhoods with nary a purpose but to find some new shop to see or some nice thing to taste. 
Paying respects to legends at Pere Lachaise
Locking up my declaration of love on the Pont Des Arts
Strolling through Jardin du Luxembourg 
Morning walk through the 7th
RTT appears everywhere
A "little" souvenir
Coffee, croissants and company
Pretty buildings here...
...and here
Thanks to David Leibovitz and Chowhound, I ate really well, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Ispahans and macarons from Pierre Herme (6th)
  • More macarons from Laduree (multiple locations) and Hugo & Victor (6th) (though neither were as wonderful as those in PH)
  • Marshmallows from Pierre Marcolini (6th)
  • Chocolates from Patrick Roger (6th) and Jean Paul Hevin (1st)  
  • Berthillon ice cream (4th)
  • Gelato at Amorino (4th - multiple locations)
  • Top-notch espresso from Cafe Coutume (7th) and Terres De Cafe (3rd)
  • Chocolate chaud from Angelina (1st)
  • Croissants and baguettes from Poilane (6th), Maison Kayser (multiple locations) and Pain De Sucre (3rd)
  • Gourmet groceries at Le Grand Epicerie de Paris (7th) 
  • Cheese from Fromagerie Quartrehomme (down the street from Le Grand Epicerie) (7th)
  • Tea from Mariage Freres (4th)
  • L'as du Falafels for its namesakes (4th)
  • Chez L'ami Jean for an unforgettable lunch (the rice pudding! the charming chef!) (7th); and
  • Agape Substance for the best meal one can have in Paris (6th)
Did I mention I was there for less than a week? Eeep! 


  1. I got to try dinner and the macaroons at Laduree but have not hit up Poilane yet. I want to buy a Poilane loaf and just eat up the whole thing!

  2. The weather looked amazing! I really want to declare my love at Pont Des Arts, I think it's really romantic...and not too cheesy :)

  3. Just looking at your photos makes me want to go back. I only spent two days there and didn't get to try all the fantastic food! I'll go back's definitely on my list.

  4. Ahhhhhh...formidable! and what was in the lovely little orange Hermes box?