Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricanes and Tulle

Having lived in South East Asia and Oceania, prolonged thunderstorms and resulting floods were the extent of adverse weather conditions I was used to. 

In the couple of years I have lived in New York, we've had a mini earthquake, debilitating snow storms, and now the second hurricane in as many years. There must be some silly joke I am not in on. 
We spent Saturday running errands and stocking up on essentials - mostly perishables like vegetables, eggs, milk etc - which in hindsight is probably unwise should the electricity go off. Though at the rate we are eating through our supplies, there won't be much left if at all the power goes, oops!  
At this point the storm has yet to land here yet pre-emptive subway shutdowns mean both S and I are working from home today. Besides that, we are looking forward to finishing off Homeland (we got through nearly all of Season 1 yesterday!). House arrest = eating + good tv = bliss! 
Gap sweater, Zara tulle skirt (simsimsim), J Crew necklace, (sim) Target booties (LOVE THESE - also they are real, not faux, suede), Hermes and Cartier bangles
While the worst has yet to arrive, here's hoping the hurricane ends up as nothing but a storm in a teacup! Stay safe and dry, East Coasters!


  1. How adorable are you in that outfit? I'm going to have to find myself a tulle skirt (or borrow yours!)

  2. LOVE this outfit. I would never think to wear a tulle dress but I love it styled with a basic sweater and booties. It's got the right amount of edge :)