Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Basque Wedding

I hope you enjoyed my previous post on Akelaŕe as it was a delight to recap my extravagant and wonderful meal. Now the main reason I was in San Sebastian was to celebrate the wedding of a very dear friend, TTL to her lovely man, X.

The wedding started at noon on a sunny Saturday with a beautiful exchanging of vows, entirely in Spanish. I didn't need to understand the words to know how much love was being conveyed. Oh and it is tradition for the bride to ascend a flight of stairs to meet her groom. This is TTL (in Vera Wang) making her way up the first of many steps:  
After the ceremony, we congratulated the beautiful couple over glasses of champagne and jamon. We were in Spain after all.
  We were also serenaded by a string quartet. 
We then moved on to the reception venue, right by the Bay of Biscay, where there were hors d'oeuvres and more champagne (and beer) in the sunshine.

It was at this point that I decided to take obligatory outfit photos: 

It is also basque tradition to wear cocktail-length dresses with a headpiece at weddings. Naturally I obliged. 
Anthropologie dress and jeweled belt, BHLDN headband, Miu Miu sandals (sim), Alexis Bittar earrings, Padini Malaysia clutch

I also noted how attractive Donostians are:

Apart from these dapper gentlemen, not photographed are the lovely boys of San Sebastian, who were all similarly decked in slim white shirts beneath their dark suits (very nice!)

We then moved on indoors to a 7(!!)-course lunch. 

I didn't wear a watch so I can only assume we finished eating at around 3. Which is when the party began. We danced and danced till way past midnight - which by my estimate is almost 9 hours of non-stop dancing. As most weddings go, the partying continued after we left the wedding venue at the after-party.

Pretty white lace ballerina flats the girls changed into to relieve sore feet!

I have many many photos of the evening as it progressed though there are too few that are fit to be published on a public blog ;)

It was truly a wonderful celebration in a beautiful setting and I wish TTL and X so much love and happiness together! 

I will leave with you the following song which became the anthem of the trip. I first danced to this at the wedding but then kept hearing it throughout, even in Paris! Enjoy!


  1. Usha!! What a lovely way to sum up such a lovely day... It was so great to meet you!! Hope to see you very soon!! Eli

  2. ...brings back sweet memories :)
    Tho Basque, i have to say there were little Malaysia touches - vous et moi included!