Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favourite

I wasn't planning on posting a Friday Favourite today since I have found it very detrimental to the shopping hiatus I am on. 

Case in point: after extolling the virtues of the items on last week's Friday Favourite, I convinced myself and prompty purchased the Minnie's and BOTH Target boots. The only reason I didn't order the Zara jacket is because it is yet to come back in stock online *facepalm*. At least I can't say I don't believe in what I write

Anyhoo I wore this outfit today and I was surprised at how well-liked it was at work: 

J Crew sweater (sim and sim), Ann Taylor skirtJ Crew Valentina pumps (simsim and sim), Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet
I bought mine a couple of months back so I poked around the Ann Taylor site on behalf of eager co-workers to check if it had popped back in stock. Lo and behold - ALL SIZES AVAILABLE. Not wanting to keep this find to myself, plus it would do me some good to only shop vicariously, I bring you this: 
Ann Taylor Flounce Skirt
I love love love how flattering it is. Don't be mortified at the how short it looks on the product page (Sidenote: do you read this? HILARIOUS). The slight stretch allows me to wear mine on my hips to be at an acceptable length for work; and don it on my waist for a weekend look (and still not be a candidate for that aforementioned website). The sturdy, solid cotton is a big win in my books too as I like things that look heaps more expensive that they actually are. 

For $50 (this weekend only), I say YES to the flounce and YES to another Friday Favourite!

Happy Columbus Day!


  1. Usha, what a beautiful outfit! Loves it :)

  2. OHHH, I love this skirt. I just may have to flounce myself :)

  3. Really like the flounce too, too bad there ain't no Ann Taylor outside the states!!!