Sunday, October 7, 2012

San Sebastian Sights

(This is a continuation of my Fall European holiday recap. You can read previous posts here and here)

After the wedding, I spent a couple more days hanging around San Sebastian. One of the first things we did was to hit the beach. The weather was cool, and alas not warm enough for me to hit the water unlike the locals!

These are the beaches of La Concha and Ondarreta - a family-friendly strip, known not for its surf waves (For that, you have to hit Gros):

We kept walking along the beach line until we arrived at the foot of Monte Igueldo, where you ride the funicular to this view:

Such a pity that Montaña Suiza, a roller-coaster built in 1928 was not open that day. This is what we would have seen:
via - click here for a cool video from the front seat of the ride

As we forgot to see the famous Combs of the Wind that day, sight-seeing continued the next morning - a day much drearier than the last.

The Combs are sculptures are by San Sebastian-born artist, Eduardo Chillida - which he had anchored to the rock right by the ocean. For reference, each sculpture is about 2 metres tall and weigh 13 tonnes!

Next to the Combs are works by another artist, Luis Pena Ganchegui:

Ganchegui designed these breather holes to spray out salt water when there is a swell. Pity the tide was low on our visit. Oh and the island just beyond the cobblestones is the same turtle-shaped one that you can see from the vantage picture 7 images up. On a day like this, the water is so shallow that one can actually "walk" over to the island (hopefully making it back before the tide rose)!
Outfit details:
Day 1 - Anthropologie Frosted Boucle Pullover (sim) and necklace (sim), Gap tank, DL1961 denim, My Ferragamo ballet flats, DKNY crossbody (sim), Marni sunglasses (sim)

Day 2 (aka brrrrrrr) - Anthropologie leather jacket (sim and sim), Theodora & Callum scarf (sim), J Crew striped cashmere

Up next: Biarritz and Paris!


  1. hi,
    could you post a link to a necklace similar to yours?? the link that you posted led me to your flats. thanks!

  2. Hi Anon - it's a fab necklace isn't it? I did a quick search and found the following. Hope it helps!
    and here is a near identical version:

  3. Thanks, Usha :) Hope you're having a great weekend!