Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snapshots from the weekend

Last weekend, my friend, Jane visited from Australia. I hadn't seen Jane since uni days in Adelaide and it was lovely having her around and of course, being able to show her my New York.

On Saturday, we went shopping...

sipped on
cocktails and more cocktails...

and dug into late night cheap falafels.

On Sunday, we hung out at the New Amsterdam Market.

which included
drinking copious amounts of coffee...

and eating fresh juicy peaches which I swear were plucked off the tree minutes before..

Jane took my OOTD picture (check out the gorgeous view) - minus rubbish bin

Anthropologie Tesserae dress, DKNY bag, Kate Spade Pineapple belt, Anthropologie sandals

The highlight of the two days was catching Priscilla, Queen of the Desert on Broadway!
The show was so so fab even despite the lack of genuine Aussie accents. I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous drag costumes, catchy disco music and bountiful references to Australiana. It was truly a wonderful way to wrap up the weekend.

Plus how AMAZING does Jane look in the Whirligig dress?
(and yes she loved it so much she wore it two days in a row!)

All this weekend talk makes me glad that it's already Thursday!


  1. Usha - are you from Australia? I worked for an Australian bank here in Chicago for years and I loved all my Aussie co-workers :)
    You and your friend both look adorable!

  2. Yes Kim! In fact, my bf is in the New York office at the very same bank!

    (I think we had a brief email convo about this AGES AND AGES ago)

    ps - am making my first trip up to Chicago for Labour Day :)

  3. Yep - we definitely had this convo via email. I totally remember :)
    Ohhh, email me - let's meet up (if you have time of course) while you're in chicago!

  4. Ahh Usha! I didn't realise you had a blog. You're like my Aussie confidante in the US (or should that be the other way around?):-)
    I'm jealous you got to see Priscilla on Broadway - that would have been quite a show!

  5. The blog is brand spanking new lovey! And yes you are so totally going to be my link to all things Aussie :)

    I just found out Forever New now has an online shopping platform - of course only to Australian addresses at this point but baby steps, baby steps!

    oh ps - there is a very very slim chance I will be back down under in November - I'll keep you in the loop in case you need me to bring pretty Anthro things for you!