Friday, August 19, 2011

M Wells (and my new favourite skirt)

Darling S and I headed out to M Wells Diner a couple of days ago. M Wells has been on my restaurant-to-go list some months back but it rushed to the top when I found out that the restaurant was not going to renew its lease at the end of the month.

For all the hype the diner has been receiving, I wish there were more normal dishes on the menu. As adventurous we are with our food, we did not like the sound of sweetbreads or blood sausage. I even thought a dish with duck nuts was code for something else. Nope, I was mistaken. We did have an amazing salad and tomato tart. The banana cream pie was brilliant as well and we (almost) regret not ordering the Paris-Brest, that received the M Wells treatment by looking just as it sounds (with a cherry on top).

Anthropologie A-bit-unruly top and sandals, J Crew sash skirt and necklace, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Kate Spade Tarrytown Quinn,

Meet my new love!

The subway next to M Wells


  1. That skirt ROCKS. I've been dying to know what you thought about M. Wells...definitely not a menu we'd be able to eat off of (except, probably, for dessert).

    So excited about Red Farm - THAT is a menu I can get on board with.

  2. There were great salads (we had a yummy radish based one) but I wouldn't recommend to be honest.

    Very excited about Red Farm too and crossing fingers they open by Thursday :)