Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Jacqueline

I met dear Kate last night at Kinshop for our regular catch-up dinner.

The weather was balmy so I decided to walk up an appetite.

In my post juice-cleanse haze (verdict: never again), I forgot to bring my camera but I couldn't help take some iphone shots of what I saw on my trek:

I always dress up for Kate. The yellow Lilly Pulitzer was an easy choice, especially since the forecast was for showers and lots of cloud.

Lilly Pulitzer Jacqueline Novelty Lace, that same pair of Anthropologie flats, Michael Kors watch, Hermes Clic bracelet

Hope everyone in the northeastern corridor stays safe for Hurricane Irene!


  1. I left dinner with a huge grin on my face! Our next rendezvous cannot come soon enough. You looked adorable; I felt like a sweaty boho mess in comparison to your preppy chicness.

    Sounds like if you want to go anywhere this weekend you'll be doing more walking :( Be safe!

  2. Thrilled you left happy! I had a skip in my step all the way home.

    By the sounds of things, I won't be doing anything more this weekend than playing scrabble in candlelight and eating peanut butter sandwiches :) Stay safe and dry!

    ps - you are a natural beauty! You could make a rubbish bag look amazing

  3. that's a good walk! unless it's freezing, i'd much rather just walk if i have the time.

  4. I wanted to get this dress during the Lilly sale, but i think i need a 00 for my 12year old like body! It's very pretty on you!

  5. Rebecca - I don't know why I don't do this often enough and am adopting your walking policy henceforth!

    Gemma - That's no good about the fit! Some of the prints are not my cup of tea but boy I am mad for LP shifts :)