Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mansur Gavriel + Laser Cut

Greetings! Time is flying and it's now March. Yet here we are dressed in thick puffer coats and fleece tights even now as our clocks have been wound forward.  

The cold can't keep us indoors even if we tried: Friday date night saw us at All'Onda, a new Italian-Japanese place close to home; yesterday we had one double date at Le Village, a quaint, French-vegetarian bistro in the East Village; and this morning another double for dim sum brunch at Golden Unicorn in Chinatown.
Giles and Brother railroad spike

We cooked a lot this weekend too, which we owe to our first order from Blue Apron - a delivery service that sends you three recipes and all the ingredients in the portions you need to whip it up. We made this shrimp dish and this roasted vege concoction. They were both so delicious, S and I polished our plates even though portions were larger than our usual. Tomorrow evening I am looking forward to making this mushroom stroganoff. I am an occasional cook and tend to make simple dishes using whatever flavours I can find in my cupboard. Not having to stock up on spices or herbs I probably only use once is so appealing and I look forward to ordering again based on what we like "On The Menu"
As you can tell, our appetites were off the chart this weekend. Thank goodness for Soul Cycle, hot yoga and NTC. Another thing of the charts is my desire for Spring to arrive. Amongst a couple of new purchases is a Clover Canyon dress collecting a layer of dust sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be worn in warmer weather. At least my new bag can see the light of day. 
Giles and Brother railroad spike
Willow laser-cut midi skirt, COS jumper (sim and sim - use TULIP for 10% off), Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in Cammello Antico (tote version here and everything else here)
Giles and Brother Railroad Spike
Giles and Brother railroad spike cuff, Hermes clic bangle, Target buckle boots, Ray Ban "subway-print" wayfarers (camo version)
Giles and Brother railroad spike

An affordable, neutral-coloured, leather cross-body bag that can hold my camera, oversized wallet, lipstick, ipad mini, and then some? No wonder it's causing a pre-order frenzy from here to Timbuktu. 


  1. Gorgeous skirt! You always know how to pick the most unique pieces that still totally works with everything.

  2. I love this whole look- so dark and glamorous with that edgy touch in the skirt and boots. Swoon. I wants that skirt. badly. (goodly?)

    Oh, I have had such a hard time adapting to the time change this year! I feel like I've been running everywhere and yet perpetually an hour behind!