Monday, March 24, 2014

Crop To It

I haven't been impressed with NYC restaurant offerings of late which means apart from date night, I haven't been dining out as frequently.  Narcissa is changing that.  

I had dinner there a few weeks ago with my dear friend Kara. The meal was fantastic that the first thing I did when I got home was make a reservation to take S for date night. 
The vegetable-forward menu was much welcome, but not surprising considering Narcissa's older sister is Dovetail, which serves one of the best vegetarian tasting menus in the city. 

I ordered the beets and duck both visits. The rotisserie beets, pictured above, has already been written about. I now hope that the duck (seen in the foreground here) receives similar accolades. I foresee many more meals at Narcissa. If I go back often enough, I might even be tempted to order other things off the menu. 

For the amount of food I knew I was going to devour at dinner, it was pretty ambitious of me to attempt to crop top it. Luckily for all of us, these photos were all taken BEFORE eating. 

I love a good trend, but I stick to those that transcend more than a season. Naturally I assumed crop tops would be one of these, until I came across this Zara knit. For under twenty, we can all say yes to showing off a little waist.
Zara top, Willow ruffle skirt (old), old Prada boots (sim, sim and sim), COS slinky necklace, vintage Chanel flap
Hermes clic bangle

Hermes clic bangle

This week is shaping up to be a busy at work and socially - I have great friends visiting from afar, dinners planned with girlfriends, and a best friend's birthday celebration. Here's wishing you a wonderful week too!


  1. Personally, I don't think I can pull off the crop top. If I wore a crop top I would end up looking like Hannah on Girls. But I have to say this one you're wearing makes me reconsider. It's not to croppy or clingy to the body.
    Right now I'm focused on finding me a pair of overalls. I know overalls may not be around for more than a season but they just look so comfy!

    1. I think it should either be not too cropped or wear it with a high-waisted bottom. Belly buttons should be reserved for the beach! LOL to overalls! I think it's awesome that it's coming back - but will sit out of that one I think ;)

  2. If I had a waist like yours, I would wear a crop top, but I don't so no. :P I love love love your skirt though, that ruffle and zipper are amazing!