Friday, March 28, 2014

London Travel Diary

I was in London last month on business. My last trip was over 3 years ago and I was thrilled to be back.   

Much of my week there, when not at in the office, was spent wandering the city. I forgot how beautiful London is - my neck was sore from all that looking up! NYC skyscrapers may be impressive, but its architecture has got nothing on Europe. There was a teeny bit of shopping (Reiss and COS, natch), but mostly a lot of eating, and as you will soon see, a little Sherlock too! Here is a photologue, comprised of a mix of DSLR and Iphone images:

Gastronomica's piadina at Borough Market
Brindisa's chorizo sandwich at Borough Market...
...which was followed by the best coffee in London at Monmouth (so good I took a 20-min detour on the way to work to get my morning coffee twice that week)
Make-you-own-buns at Flesh and Buns
Pastel-coloured townhouses in Barons Court
All-white ones in Sloane
Natural History Museum through the still-bare branches (it was still rather cold on my visit)
Animals gargoyles?
A sneaky shot from the Club to  Catwalk exhibit at the V & A
Fantastic Indian at Dishoom (so tickled by the name, and wish I had taken photos of the vintage Indian paraphernalia decorating the place)
Stunning dining hall at Berners Tavern
Rainbow of desserts at Ottolenghi
Turkish eggs at Kopapa
Pasta small plates at Bocca di Lupo
Wonder what I would have found inside
Sherlock's doorstep off Euston (not to be confused with actual 221b Baker Street, the Sherlock Holmes museum)
St Bartholomew's Hospital (in particular the site of the Season 2 finale cliffhanger)
Only grinning since I know how Season 3 begins
Looking up to the point of no return (see aforementioned Season 2 ending)
"Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain"
Adding my mark to what has become a shrine to Sherlock outside the hospital

London, I love you long time and so happy that I get to see you again in a month. But next time, no more tube strikes please? 

[Wearing: Zara studded coat, J Crew leather smartphone gloves, Hermes Evelyn bag, and Stuart Weitzmann Black Suede Reserve OTK boots (also here)]


  1. gah, I was just in London in September and your pictures make me want to go back. Love the food photos, of course, and love the Sherlock photos! (I need to watch Season 3 again.)

  2. I have never been to London before...the food looks SO good! It looks cold though...I think I would want to go in the summer :)

  3. I'm so hungry after reading this! All the food photos are awesome (and of course, the Sherlock photos)! Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  4. My mouth is watering over all that fab looking food! Love the Sherlock photos too xo