Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Recap - Denim and Liquid Gold

Happy Sunday kids. S and I started off the weekend with date night in the West Village. Dinner was a massive flop (Red Farm - overpriced and bland) but cocktails after were a winner - at a tiny, newly-opened French bar/restaurant called Wallflower. Have a look at the menu below - if they take their food as seriously as their drinks, I very much look forward to returning for dinner. 
S and I went out again on Saturday night to the East Village for dinner at a new Australian restaurant, Flinders Lane, eponymously named to invoke a sense of being in Melbourne I presume. Even though I found the menu less "Modern-Australian" than purported to be, I'd return in a heartbeat for the all-Aussie sausage rolls and Milo-flavoured icecream:
I drink Milo nearly every day (like I used to since I was little) so I just about DIED when the server uttered the words "Milo icecream". That's it on the left. SO. GOOD.
I wore this exact outfit on Friday, but went casual (with a splash of gold) the next evening. 
Nike Liquid Gold
AG Ankle Legging in 11-year-swap-meet and here (denim so soft I can almost sleep in it), and Nike Liquid Gold Dunks
Nike Liquid Gold
Zara t-shirt, vintage navy Chanel, Hermes clic bangle (in orange) and Indian jhumki earrings that were a wedding gift from a favourite aunt

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Yep, next time I'm in NYC, I'm going to steal those sneaks off your feet! ;o)

  2. This outfit is hot! Also, I wanna try a lady grey cocktail...

  3. When I saw "Milo-flavoured ice cream" I went "AHHH!" because my nephew's name is Milo! I wonder how he'd feel about a chocolate drink having the same name as him... :)
    Those gold kicks are insane!