Sunday, January 6, 2013

13 Hours in Hong Kong

Happy 2013 everyone!

We are having a extra-relaxing first weekend of the year since the boy is under the weather.  I haven't left the apartment but to see Les Miserable (I bawled like a baby throughout. So good) and Django Unchained (hilarious at times, predictably violent at others. Overall enjoyable). 

A quiet weekend is also a great time to get back to posting about my time away in Asia. So after my short time in Taipei, I landed in Hong Kong for a quickie trip. I completely miscalculated the time I would have in the Fragrant Harbour and ended up with only 13 hours before my flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Upon getting to my friend, Sandy's at 8pm, we MAD DASHED it to COS. You all know of my love for the store  (previously professed here) and Hong Kong is fortunate to be the location of their ONLY store outside of Europe. In and out in half an hour, I picked up a few winter staples below:
This pretty purple-trim jumper with a neck-tie at the back
A chunky wool jumper that woud look good with a leather mini
My favourite thumb key-hole cashmere in yet another colour
After speed-shopping and a quick outfit change, I was brought to a private kitchen for some of the best szechuan food I've tasted in a long time.

Private kitchens, if you are not familiar, are speakeasy restaurants, generally located in private apartments behind unmarked doors. They  became popular in Hong Kong during the economic downturn in the late '90s to avoid operational costs associated with the usual restaurant business. These days, private kitchens are badly-kept secrets and to my relief, not entirely illegal due to restricted licences offered by the government. 

I was told Yellow Door was one of the original private kitchens. For around 300HKD (<40USD) these were the 16 (!!) dishes that were served:
The food was fantastic (the stewed pork ribs were my favourite) and the service exemplary. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to try another private kitchen on my next visit.

We then moved on to lots of dancing (and some amazing shots called "snowballs") at Lan Kwai Fong. I admit the area is a notorious expat hangout,  but it's always festive and fail-safe option for a fabulous night about town. 

The next morning, I had an early flight to catch but Sandy and I still managed to squeeze in some quality time at Din Tai Fung - and with each bite of xiao long bao, I wished both Sandy and the restaurant chain would come over to New York already. 


  1. wow- you used your time well! I love the idea of these private kitchens- like you're in on a secret! And I very much enjoyed my one visit to a Cos store this past fall- I can't believe they haven't moved into NA yet!

  2. I'm seriously crushing on that purple bowed sweater now and craving stewed pork ribs (and it's not even 10am!)