Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ann Hamilton at the Park Avenue Armory

Earlier today, S and I visited the Ann Hamilton exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory. Titled "the event of a thread", the exhibit mainly comprised of a large diaphanous white curtain in the middle of the very impressive, expansive space.

The white fabric rises and falls continously, seemingly due to a draught in the enclosed space but in fact through a convoluted yet intricate system of pulleys and ropes powered by a few dozen swings that visitors sit and play on. Talk about bringing out the kid in us!
While Ms. Hamilton's motivation behind the installation is rather high brow (read here), I love participatory art and couldn't get enough of the swings especially whilst trying to work out which part of the curtain I was manipulating as I swung back and forth. 
From my instagram
We weren't in the practice of hogging swings so we jumped off and lay down beneath the white curtain. Looking up, this is what I saw:


This was one heck of a spot for quiet contemplation and considering the time of year, some decent resolution-making. It was mesmerising the way the fabric glided and floated - this alone was worth the admission.
Zara polka dot flared dress (sim and sim), Plush fleece tights, Wolverine x Samantha Pleet boots (herehere and here), Sportsgirl Australia belt (sim), J Crew sequin jacket (last worn here)

On for the rest of the week, I urge anyone in the area to take a peek (go early, get advance tickets). If you decide to go in the evening, there is a mini concert concluding with pigeons being released into the space (what the..?). But if you are unable to visit, here's a short video of the installation:


  1. Hello there!

    You recently commented on my blog and thought I'd jump over to check yours out....and I'm so glad I did! What a beautiful site. All of your details - everything from your colors, your banner to the title (I love the song 'Sidewalks of NY") are just impeccable.

    I look forward to following your adventures in my hometown!

    I love the armory. The old fashion house I worked for in the city had their fashion week show their every season. : ) Great memories!

    1. Oooh thanks for the visit and I LOVE that you made the connection!

      Can I confess now that this was my first visit to the armory? I want to hang my head in shame. It is a remarkable space and I am envious of how fun (and insane) it must have been for you every fashion week. Now that Ann Hamilton is over, I wait to see what's going to be in that space next..

      ps - I think your blog is hilarious and look forward to each and every one of your posts!

  2. This is lovely. One question, though: could you please explain what "sim" means? I'm not sure I've seen this word in English before.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! LOL I realise I probably use a lot of words that may not seem to be English!
      Anyway "sim" is shorthand for "similar" - I use it when I can't find the link to the exact item I am wearing so I show you alternatives for a similar look.

      Hope this was helpful!

  3. oh amazing- I'd heard of the installation but I love seeing your perspective on it. I would have loved to experience it! It's too bad these kinds of projects are so temporal though- I always miss out!