Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favourite

This blog has fallen on the wayside lately - I blame the early stages of wedding planning and falling into the black hole that is Pinterest). I have a couple of posts in the pipeline, including finishing off my Asian-holiday recap (laughably overdue) and telling you about our quick sojourn to Miami last weekend. 

But first, since it's Friday, I wanted to show you the inspiration for my favourite for the week:

I can't help but see leopard/cheetah faux fur coats everywhere. With good reason I admit - as they seem to elevate any outfit to some astronomical level of chic. With the speedy pace trends trickle down to high street brands, you would think a reasonably-priced yet decent-looking version would be easy to come by, but alas. 

However after weeks of looking, I believe we finally have a winner:

I received this today and can report that this coat (less than $70) looks better than the photo above (don't you think the collar and lapel looks a little off? me too). The faux cheetah fur on this one is super soft, feeling and looking far superior than this other ASOS one I ordered. 

Too bad it's far too cold to bust it out this weekend.

Hope you are having a great Friday! 

Image sources: (from top) Cheetah is the New Black, Atlantic-Pacific, unknown, unknown 

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  1. WHOA! Leopard is making a comeback?! That is awesome!! Post some photos of you with the coat on please!

    x Milsters