Monday, March 30, 2015

Immanuel French Kitchen

After a couple of Fridays being out of town, S and I are exploring the city the best way we know how - through our bellies. Last Friday for our usual date night, we had to make a trip to Ikea (yet again). A quick google search for what to eat in the area pointed us in the direction of a french 'bistro', set uniquely in a hawker centre. 

Pardon the poor quality pictures, I couldn't head home after work before dinner so all I had was a phone camera which produces photos that can only take so much editing...

For the uninitiated, hawker centres in Singapore house a variety of stalls, usually selling only local, Asian, fare. So to find Immanuel French Kitchen serving really good French fare in an extra-casual setting ticked all the right boxes on the 'cool' card.

We ordered the pork belly with mushroom and egg, the chicken pate infused with port, and a gratin of camembert cheese and bacon jam. Everything was rich and beautiful, even if they did photograph badly.

These days I wouldn't be shocked to see fusion places like these in more gentrified areas around the island, but Alexandra is still considered 'untainted' heartland in Singapore.  Having said that, hawker centres don't usually have blue checkered table cloths or wooden serving boards.

Before the above picture was taken, there was a group of schoolgirls next to us digging into the same pate dish pictured further down. When I was their age, I wouldn't have known a baguette even if it hit me across the face! 


Polka dot dress - very old ZARA (winterised here; sim, and sim)
White chain belt - also very old (identical)
Sandals (not seen) - Sol Sana 

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