Monday, September 9, 2013

Double Denim

Is it just me or is everyone else suffering from Fashion Week fatigue? While I love the to-the-minute update from those attending shows, I admit I much preferred life before Instagram. For someone rather time-poor during the day, having to incessantly scroll through the same blurry pictures taken from the same obscure angle is driving this social-media-embracer a little nuts. And don't get me started on the videos. Perhaps I should just unfollow the culprits and re-follow once the week is over? 

I complain but I love it. On Sunday, I made my usual pilgrimage to the Lincoln Center fountain for a bout of people-watching. The warm weather brought out the crowds and boy were there some stunning outfits - my favourite was a lady wearing this dress who was making a mad dash through the plaza on her way to, you guessed it, DVF; and a gamine Audrey Hepburn-lookalike in a simple soft-pink mini shiftdress with sleeves that ended with a dramatic trumpet-like cuff. Oh and plenty of ladies got the Clover Canyon memo. 

Naturally there were also the peacocks - strutting around in getups they wouldn't throw on otherwise - posing in such a way, someone had to take their photo. On that note, there were so many cameras that I think everyone with a DSLR was there to act out their street-style photographer extraordinaire fantasies. Like begets like I suppose. 

Regardless, all is well in the world where there is Bill

Anyway, the following outfit did not make an appearance at Lincoln Center but was taken a couple of weeks ago when I went to watch the annual India Day parade. Like last year, "Gandhi" made an appearance, and there were a new round of movie star VIPs - Vidya Balan, Sarathkumar and Raadhika, if you care about such things. I most definitely squealed when I spotted the latter two, yes I did. 

short sleeve chambray

Kate Spade Saturday denim shirt, DL1961 denim, Forever 21 necklace, Hermes and Cartier bracelets, Steve Madden Tippsy sandals (on sale), requisite red pottu/bimdi

P.s. if you had to know, I wore this dress to Lincoln Center - it was the easiest outfit to put on after a gruelling hour at Soul Cycle.


  1. Oh man, you look so cool and effortless. I bet those girls in the wobbly painful heels were feeling overwrought and overdressed and wondering what it's all for...
    Though that DVF has a nice simple line.
    Okay, i'm in NY next week- what the heck should I wear, and when the heck can we meet?!

  2. Yes! Way too many fashion week photos. I want my instagram feed to go back to normal.
    I love your version of the Canadian Tuxedo - the touches of sparkle make it so feminine. And the bindi is a special touch :)

  3. I've never been able to pull off the Canadian tuxedo without looking like a hillbilly. An Asian hillbilly, but still... :)

    I've not suffering from Fashion Week overload, but I've been flipping through the endless posts and Instagram pictures to stay immune. It might be fun to actually experience it one day though.